Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas in January

Thank you Ashlyn for the fun package you sent us!!  :)

The Santa hats will be Awesome to wear next year when we are out spreading Christmas cheer

Tay loved the Gamecock jammie pants and Bethany likes her "running shorts!"

And of course, the coffee for Joe was Perfect!!!

Thanks for your thoughtfulness!  :)  We love you and miss you!!!!


Rebecca's Refining said...

I LOVE that bag of coffee!! Too funny!! :)

I think I see a new profile picture on Joe's facebook!

I love getting packages in the mail!! It is so much fun!

Donna G. said...

You scared me there for a minute! I thought it was time to get out the dang Christmas decorations again. =)

mommyx12 said...

How fun to have Christmas all over again. I could stand for something like this each and every month of the year!!

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