Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All in a Day: Intro

Ever wondered what it's like to live in a large family??  Or if it's really "cheaper by the dozen??"

Or maybe you have a large family, and you wonder how other families manage and whether its just as crazy in their houses as it is in yours!?! 

Here's your chance to find out!!  

Welcome to All in a Day Bloggers!

Each Wednesday a group of bloggers (me included!) will be posting on the same topic . . . All in a Day. We will talk about how we are able to accomplish grocery shopping, homeschooling, laundry, cooking and more with many children in our homes. So pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, sink into your favorite chair, and drop in on each of the following Moms.  They'll be expecting you!  ;)

Carrie @ Our Full House

Elizabeth @ Yes They're All Ours

Kathy @ Kathy Mom of Many

Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage

Lori @ Happy Busy Mama

Monica @ Natural Mama

Renee @ Bakers Dozen

Now, let me introduce myself and my family.  I am Elizabeth, married for nearly 28 years to my wonderful husband, Alan.  Due to his career in local government administration, we have moved quite a bit through the years, living in four different counties in South Carolina and three different counties in Georgia.  This fall, we relocated to the Georgia coast, where we continue to settle in to our new house and community.

We have ten children, ranging in age from 25 down to 6!  Currently, we have eight living at home, but that is subject to change at any time, as we have entered the "revolving door years!"

We waded into the homeschooling waters when our oldest daughter was four years old.  As we added children to our family and harder subjects to our school, the waters grew deeper and deeper, until I felt I was in over my head!!!  Fortunately, I learned to swim, and began to land some on the opposite shore!  ;)

My oldest daughter graduated from our homeschool in 2003, took a gap year, and then took advantage of a sizable academic and music scholarship to attend a private all-women's college, where she earned degrees in Music and Spanish.  After graduation, she got a job teaching in a Christian school in the city where we used to live.  Tiffany currently teaches third grade, plus all of the elementary enrichment classes (Music, Art, Spanish and Computer) and has just completed her Masters Degree online!  She is an accomplished pianist, and continues to study with a Juliard-trained pianist, while also serving as one of her church's musicians.

My second oldest daughter, Ashlyn, also graduated from our homeschool, and then served with a ministry in another state for a year before graduating from a two-year Bible school.  Currently, she works for a pediatrician's office during the week, works for Shutterbooth on the weekends, and in her "spare time" she is developing her photography business!

My three oldest sons have taken a slightly different path and have attended Christian schools for their high school years, where they have participated in football, basketball, baseball, student government, and various leadership opportunities.  After graduating from Christian school, my oldest son, Taylor, went to a private college in Georgia, where he was awarded an academic scholarship, and played football for one year.  However, he decided that wasn't the life for him, and is currently living at home and attending the local college.

My second oldest son, Josh, transfered to the same Christian high school in his sophomore year, but came home during his senior year and took a full load of college classes as a dual-enrolled student at the local community college.  He is currently living at home and attending the local college with Taylor.

My third oldest son, Joe, attended the same high school with his brothers until we moved.  Now, he is a junior at a Christian school in our new community, where is the leading scorer on the Varsity Boys' basketball team!  :)

I keep busy homeschooling the five youngest children (ages 6 to 15), trying to keep my boys' bellies full, and attempting to control the clutter that threatens to overtake our house!  I enjoy blogging, studying nutrition, spending time with my family, watching old movies, and am looking forward to enjoying the beach this summer!!!

Well, that covers the basics, but if you really want to get a picture of what our family is like, you ought to hop on over to my daughter, Tiffany's blog, and read her vivid description of our crazy family!!!  If you do, please leave her a little comment, so she'll know you stopped by, OK?

Now it's your turn to introduce yourself, so we can get to know you and your family, too!  Share a little about your family and link your blog post to All in a Day. Make sure you grab our "All in a Day!" banner to link up with us. You can find the banner here.


Brandi said...

Oooh, I love this! :) Looking forward to reading everyone's posts each week.

Happy Busy Mama said...

Earlier today, I had read Tiffany's post describing her family. What a wonderful job. She really nailed it on each and every one. I could see everything from swag to twinkling eyes, and wishing I could see it all in person.

Homemakers Cottage said...

Hi, I'm an All in a Day blogger too... looking forward to getting to know your family better!

Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage

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