Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Joe -- on the court and in the court --- Homecoming 2011!

This past weekend was Homecoming at the school where my son, Joe, attends.  We were all excited about his girlfriend, Abby, coming for the weekend to take part in the festivities!   I was supposed to pick her up from the airport on Friday at 5:15, and take her to Joe's basketball game.  However, her flight was repeatedly delayed, and instead of flying out at 4:15, she didn't board her plane until 9:30 pm!!  That meant she missed Joe's game and the presentation of the Homecoming court.   :(  However, she had a great attitude even in the midst of great disappointment, and kept trusting that God had a purpose in things unfolding as they did.  Alan and Tiffany left the game after the halftime activities to pick her up at the airport, and she finally made it to our house, exhausted, at midnight!!    :(  What a long day for her!!

Due to the change of plans, I got to stay and watch the rest of the game.   I enjoyed watching Joe play, and wish Abby could have been there, too, as she would have loved cheering for Joe as he racked up 29 points, and led his team to victory!

We are used to Homecoming being held during a football game, and having Homecoming during a basketball game was new to us!  Those athletes involved in the Homecoming court had to become "quick change artists" in order to be ready for the halftime activities!  Here are the Junior class representatives -- Joe and his classmate Gabby, both of whom are basketball players.  (At least the girls had a bit more time, as they could get ready during the first half of the boys' game!)

And here are the Homecoming Queen and King for 2011.  The king is Joe's best friend, Sam.

Fortunately, the school held their Homecoming Dance on Saturday night, because if it had been on Friday night, Abby would have missed that too! 

After a beautification marathon, where Abby did whatever girls do before a special event, and Tiffany  curled, gelled, moussed, sprayed and artfully arranged Abby's beautiful hair,  Abby finally emerged -- all glamorous and ready to be presented as Joe's girlfriend!  :)

Joe and Abby . . .  looking good!  :)

I snapped one last picture as they prepared to head off in the rain  . . . . and it ended up being my favorite!


Samantha said...

Do you not homeschool through high school then?

busymomof10 said...

Samantha -- this is possibly a blog post in itself! But the short answer is Yes . . . and No! :)

My two oldest daughters were homeschooled K-5 through 12th grade, and both did beautifully!

When my oldest son was in tenth grade, we moved away from an area where had many friends and many opportunities, including sports teams, for homeschoolers to a smaller area with few opportunities for homeschoolers. To make a long story short, he ended up transferring to a Christian school during his tenth grade year, primarily so he could participate in their athletic program. The following year, my next son joined him for his tenth grade year and the year after that, my son, Joe, joined them for his 9th grade year. So, at one point I had three boys in Christian school.

Currently, the oldest two sons attend college (but live at home) and Joe is the only one enrolled in Christian school. He is happy and excelling, and it feels right for him.

At this point, the five youngest continue to homeschool with no plans to transfer to a Christian school. The oldest two at home are in 9th grade this year.

The bottom line is to try to discern what is going to be best for each child, and to allow God to lead differently than our pre-conceived ideas.

Rebecca's Refining said...

Great pics! Abby is so pretty! Too bad she missed the game and half-time activities, but what a blessing she maintained a sweet spirit through the disappointments.

Joe is doing great in basketball! I wish we were able to come and watch him play! (Maybe Joe can help Ben this summer...he could use some encouragement in the athletic department!)
Is Joe still playing baseball too?

Kristi Lea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kristi Lea said...

I'll try this again!...What an ordeal! I am so glad that she made it safe though, and I agree, I love that last picture!

Donna G. said...

Joe and Abby make one cute couple! You're right; the umbrella photo is the best one. The umbrella even matches their clothing.

PS. Graham loves Gabby's hair! =)

Donna G. said...

Graham walked by when the photo of Joe and Gabby was on my screen. Now she's seen the whole post, and she wants me to say that Abby's hair is great, too. =)

MamaAnt said...

That girl has spunk! So cute and I bet she has a great attitude as well.

Way to go Joe! That is a lot of points. (I guess, because I know nothing about basketball...only football.)

Samantha said...

Thanks for answering that, I was confused!

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