Monday, February 7, 2011

Loving Your Family through Seasonal Decor

Do you enjoy seasonal decorating??

I am not a person who enjoys going all-out with decorating the interior and exterior of my home for the changing seasons.  That is probably due to lack of money (to purchase all those holiday decorations), a lack of space (for storing a bunch of seasonal items beyond the standard Christmas fare) and a lack of time and energy (to get it all out, arrange it, and then take it all down and put it away again).

However, I do enjoy adding a few simple touches to make holidays feel special, and will often decorate my dining room table to reflect a holiday or special occasion.  I usually wait until February 14th to decorate my table to make it festive for our family Valentine's Day dinner.  However, this year I was inspired by this post to go ahead and decorate for Valentine's Day early in February, so that my family had more time to enjoy the special decor. 

I decided to put out some special touches this past Friday, while I was cleaning house and preparing to have Tiffany and Abby here for the weekend.  I had already decided to use the buffet in my foyer as a seasonal table, which I hope to decorate to reflect various holidays and seasons throughout the year.  So, I went around the house looking for little things that I could relocate there for a couple weeks.  I love anything heart-shaped, so I knew I had a few fun items around the house.  I found several possibilities, and kept arranging and rearranging throughout the day, until I was pleased with the finished product.  This is what I finally setttled on.

Meanwhile, Hannah worked in the dining room.  Don't you love how she transformed the dining room table with just a couple red candles, some red placements, a red heart garland and some red, white and pink M&Ms? 

It really doesn't take much money or time to add a few special touches that let your family know they are worth a bit of extra effort!  And Valentine's Day is a great time for demonstrating your love in lots of little ways! 

What are some of the ways you make your family feel special at Valentines or other special holidays?

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Happy Busy Mama said...

It's funny, but as much as I like to do things like this, most of my children DON"T like it when I decorate. Christmas they like, but then they are eager to get it cleaned up. lol I think it has to do with the wanting a uncluttered look in a very crowded house. I still gently force it upon them a least a little, at least for a meal.

One thing I have done for years each FEB is a po-eTREE. We use a small branch for the tree and we write poetry during this month, sometimes on heart shaped paper and hang them on the tree. The little ones enjoy it; the older ones humor me. :-)

tlmalcolm said...

I've always added touches to reflect the holidays or seasons around the house. Of course right now I have some snowmen sitting about. But as my boys were growing up I'm not even sure they noticed the decorations and if they did weren't really interested in them! Guess it just wasn't their thing! But I always enjoy the special touches it brought to the house!

busymomof10 said...

Well, I'll admit that some of my kids notice and appreciate these decorations more than others! However, I may have found the secret to getting the boys to appreciate my holiday decor -- making it edible! They LOVE the Valentines M&Ms in the heart-shaped bowl and scattered on the dining table! I've already had to replace my initial "decorations!" :)

mommyx12 said...

What a beautiful table you have set. I must admit I'm not much of a fancy type decorator at this point in my life. Maybe someday. I am so practical and boring I'm ashamed to admit it.

Happy Busy Mama said...

Yes, I agree totally with the edible decorations. ---always a hit while they last. ;-) My mother always had little seasonal decorations, and I try to sneak them in. I used to go to great lengths for meal times but health issues put all that on hold. So, I'm getting better now and I think the children are "scared" of what I will come up with next. Remember the yurt? :-)

Donna G. said...

Ha! I'm thinking of me flipping out each season and holiday when I would have to get the undecorating done. I think I'll stick to doing Christmas only. =)

Question: You don't have animals, do you? Those M&Ms wouldn't last long on my dining room table without a guard.

Elizabeth, your home always looks so warm and inviting. You're creating the best memories for your family!

busymomof10 said...


Thank you so much for that sweet comment!! You definitely made my day!! :)

And no, we don't have any pets in the house . . . except for Tiffany's little dog, Sofi, who comes when Tiffany visits.

However, our pet-less status is subject to change at any time, as Alan misses having a dog. As far as I'm concerned, pets are too much trouble and too much work, and I keep holding out as long as I can on not getting another one!!! ;)

Rebecca's Refining said...

Once again you have challenged me to do more! I am so bad about decorating, and thinking of the "little things" that can add not only decor to my rooms, but show my family how much I love them!
I will really have to strive to do better in this area this year! :)
BTW, your house is so beautiful!

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