Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Fun

I had a really Fun Weekend!  I drove over to Albany and spent the weekend with Tiffany!  :)  I packed a couple "surprises" for her too -- her two favorite little "snuggles" -- Matthew and Bethany!  :)

Friday night, we just relaxed at Tiffany's and ate too much of our favorite pizza -- Dominos Pepperoni and Cheese with extra garlic "sauce" and watched a "chick flick" -- "What a Girl Wants."  It was a really sweet, fun movie! 

Saturday morning, I headed out early and got my hair cut (Thank you Angie!) and ran a couple errands while Tiffany snuggled with Matt and Bethany!  Then, we met our good friend, Amy, and her daughter Lainie for lunch at Zaxbys.  It was great to see her and catch up on the latest happenings!  It was an absolutely Gorgeous Spring Day with a high of 80, and we enjoyed sitting outside to eat and chat!

Then, we went by my good friend, Martha's house, where we admired her recent remodeling and redecorating projects!   This is Tiffany and Bethany with her daughter, Lindy.  Just by chance, they were all wearing purple shirts that day!   Purple Power!  :)

This is me with my friend, Martha.  (I keep telling her that she reminds me of Doris Day!  Anyone else see a resemblance???)   ;)

Saturday night, we ate at Outback Steakhouse, where we were treated to a complimentary Bloomin Onion!  YUM!! 

While waiting for our food, we colored the children's menu and made crazy faces for the camera.  This was the Wide Eyed Look!  :)

Yes, I win the Goofiest Look Award!  ;)

Our food was Delicious!!!  Probably THE BEST meal we have ever had at Outback!!!

I ordered Alice Springs Chicken.

Tiffany ordered some steak and shrimp dish, which was totally awesome!

And Matt was very happy with his Ribs!  Bethany played it safe with her favorite -- macaroni and cheese!

After dinner, we tried to walk off some of our food at the mall, where we found this hilarious T-shirt!  If you don't get the humor -- it is sort of an inside joke!!  Our friend, Amy, will know why we got such a kick out of this shirt that we just HAD to take a picture of it!!!

Then, we went back to Tiffany's place and watched a GREAT movie -- "Country Remedy."  This would be a wonderful family night movie!  Very sweet and somewhat sad  . . . but with a happy ending!  It reminded me of a modern day "Christy" story. 

Sunday morning, we went to church with Tiffany.  She is one of the church musicians, and it was a Treat to hear her play a beautiful special music that featured four hands on two pianos!  WOW!

Since Tiffany plays for the early service, we were able to hit Cracker Barrel after church for a wonderful Sunday Brunch!  Matt and Bethany enjoyed playing checkers while waiting for their food to arrive.

Tiffany looked very pretty!  :)

Before we knew it, our weekend was over, and it was time for us to head home, but Tiffany and I were both thankful for a Fun Weekend Together!


Noel said...

Love the haircut! It looks really good :)

busymomof10 said...

THANKS Noel! :)

Noel said...

usually I really enjoy Presidents day and we'll do some fun facts and reading maybe a craft or project, but I am so swamped right now that it won't be happening this time! :(

Rebecca's Refining said...

Looks like you had a great weekend with Tiffany! :)
Your haircut looks cute too...and you are looking like you have lost weight! :)
That "bloomin onion" looked great! I am not really crazy about Outback, but if I go again, I will have to look for what Tiffany really looked delicious!

Donna G. said...

I'm glad Peter wasn't in the room when I read this post. He is Doris Day's biggest fan. Cries through every one of her movies, even the comedies. ?? If he'd seen those photos of her, we'd be pulling out the Doris Day movies now. =)

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