Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All in a Day: The Sunday Rush

Sunday mornings:  the place where your faith is put to the test each and every week!!

Yes, Sunday mornings can prove challenging for the large family, especially when you have many young children to get ready!   Back in the day when all my children were little, we drove 45 minutes to church, too!!   So, it was definitely an undertaking that often left me physically and emotionally exhausted by the time we got to church!

I remember the days of the assembly line through the bathtub . . . it is definitely easier now that everyone in the family bathes themselves, and most are self-sufficient when it comes to dressing, fixing hair, getting breakfast, etc.  Still, most Sundays seem to contain some small crisis or trial.  I'm convinced it's just part of the enemy's ploy to keep us from arriving at church serene and in a spirit of worship.  In fact, I think we should consider moving the altar call to the beginning of the service, so we can get our hearts right before the service!!   :)

I don't feel that I ever totally conquered the Sunday Morning Rush; however, here are a few tips that have proven helpful:

1.  Prepare the day before.  I've never fully mastered this, as I've always found that my Saturdays were full to overflowing, but the more you do beforehand, the easier it is on Sunday morning.  Note to self:  Remember your own good advice and make sure you have the boys church clothes ironed on Saturday, if not before, so you are not scrambling around on Sunday morning trying to iron them.

2.  Get up EARLY.  It's always tempting to sleep in on Sunday mornings, but it's just not worth it!!  I'm always the first one up.  I make coffee, unload the dishwasher, prepare Sunday dinner, take my shower while there is still plenty of hot water, and even check my email or look for a recipe online.

3.  Simplify clothing.   Through the years I bought my boys navy and khaki pants and one or two dress shirts to match.  If they had more than that, it was usually because we received clothing secondhand or as a gift.  The girls tended to have a few more choices for Sunday clothes.  Socks were often a source of contention, and still are at times, as those Sunday socks can be like a needle in a haystack to find!

4.  Make a simple breakfast.   Unless your husband likes to treat the family to a special breakfast of his making, I would say that this is not the day for a big breakfast!  We've always eaten cold cereal or bagels and cream cheese on Sunday mornings.  The key is coming up with something simple for everyone to prepare and clean up.

5.  Put Sunday dinner in the crock pot.   I love putting together a simple meal in my crock pot or roaster oven that will cook safely while we are at church and be ready to eat when we get home.  Usually we have to pull together the sides when we get home, but it is a relief to have the main dish ready to eat.  We often cook a huge pork loin roast from Sams/Costco, an eye of round roast, a turkey breast, etc.  Then, I often make the Real Idahoan mashed potatoes, sauteed green beans or asparagus, cooked carrots, etc. to round out the meal.  Sometimes we have dessert.  If not, my husband usually hints about wanting something sweet, and Hannah or I will whip up some Sunday afternoon delight.

There were probably other things I've done to help ease Sunday morning stress, but it has been a very long day here, and I just can't seem to think of anything else right now!  So, you'll just have to check out the other All in a Day Bloggers for their tips. . .

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mamamia said...

Love these tips, thanks for sharing! I'm hopeless at preparing the day before and I know it works, so I should just DO IT! lol

I have to learn to stop leaving myself till last to get ready too.

Rebecca's Refining said...

Great is putting them into practice that is the problem! :)

Sunday mornings seem to get an extra hit from Satan's arrows! It often seems like there is "drama" (missing shoe, no hose,"nothing to wear", picking/fighting, etc..) We have arrived at church several times late and/or "frazzled", and yet we put on that "fake" smile like all is well!

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

Great tips! Re: #3, I don't have trouble with Sunday socks so much as my little girl's stockings. I started keeping them in my drawer, since she would grab the "good ones" for dress-up during the week and they would be missing or torn. Now she doesn't get to them, and I know where they are during the a.m. rush. ;)

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