Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Fit Healthy Eating and Exercising into Our Busy Days

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As busy homeschooling moms, we want to nurture our families, while also finding time to nurture ourselves; however, there are only so many hours in a day.  A typical day is over before we know what happened to it, and many times our lofty goals for eating nutritiously and exercising are still on the shelf.  That's why I'm excited about this new opportunity for investing in our own health:

T-Tapp has joined together with the Green Smoothie Queen for a NEW 6-week challenge that will teach you how to Fit In Fitness and Shape Up for Summer. The Challenge will cost $49.95, but it includes a $20.00 rebate and will give you access to a NEW T-Tapp Membership area.

Starting May 1st, The Green Smoothie Queen and Teresa Tapp will join together to teach you strategies for fitting in fitness during the day, increasing nutritional support without pills, gaining more energy and sleeping better.  Who among us can't benefit from such things??

Included are 7 new T-Tapp exercises (downloads) from Teresa's Senior Fitness Advanced Muscle Activation Clinics. The Green Smoothie Queen will also share why the "key" to vibrant living shouldn't require spending lots of cash on fancy kitchen appliances and expensive supplements, helping to take the guessing game out of your dietary choices.

The Green Smoothie Queen is known for helping people to sneak in vegetables, while Teresa teaches how to sneak in exercise.  These strategies enable women to maximize their results and discover that success is possible even for busy women who don't have time to do a full workout or eat a balanced meal.

What do you get?

*  7 T-Tapp exercises from SENIOR FIT CLINIC (1 new video featured every week, plus bonus).
*   Green Smoothie Queen Audio Seminars which include the following topics:
  • Importance of Greens and Fruits
  • Making green smoothies
  • Making green savories/soups/blended salads/juices
  • Green Smoothie Tips for a Busy Family
  • Using Green Smoothies for Detoxification
  • Green Smoothies for Kids.
*   6 NEW recipes to coincide with the audio seminar featured that week.
*   GSQ Written tips: GSQ tips on how to fit in vegetables throughout the day.
*   T-Tapp Written tips: To coincide with download featured each week.

Price: $49.95 (includes $20.00 T-Tapp Instant Rebate - available upon registration)

I just signed up for this challenge!  Won't you join me?  HURRY -- the challenge starts on May 1st!!


Rebecca's Refining said...

Sounds like a great challenge! :)
I wish I had the extra $50, but I will renew my determination to exercise and eat more nutritiously on a daily basis starting May 1! (I just bought myself some new exercise DVD's, so I can't justify the extra right now!) You can share the tips with me though! :)

SisterTipster said...

Not this go round, Sister but you go right on and all the best!

Mrs. White said...

I love challenges! It really helps motivate us to take care of ourselves.

Mrs. White

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