Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Night of Tuxedos, Corsages, and Ocean Breezes

Whew!  It has been a BUSY weekend here!  Finally a minute to sit down and take a breath and update my blog!  :)

Joe's girlfriend, Abby and her "entourage" (her sister, Lily, and her Mom!) , arrived Friday evening for the weekend.

Saturday was Joe's Junior/Senior Prom.  The junior class was in charge of all the food and decorating, so Joe and I were heavily involved with prom preparations on Saturday.  In fact, I was over there from 2 until 8 pm -- helping decorate, untangling and arranging strands of white lights, setting out luminarias, washing strawberries and cutting up pineapple, figuring out the chocolate fountain, making the punch, etc.!  It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun, too!  Meanwhile, Mrs. D was busy at home helping Abby fix her hair and get all "prettied up!"  :)

I fell in love with the venue that was chosen!   It was an open-air "room" overlooking the ocean, with plenty of ceiling fans and ocean breezes to keep it cool, and more than enough charm to create the perfect prom experience! 

Joe's class did a great job choosing a theme and decorations, too!!  I loved the "Old World" flavor!

Here is the food table all set up and ready for hungry guests to arrive!

It was a perfect day, and just so pleasant and peaceful, that I really didn't want to leave!  I couldn't stop being amazed at how neat it was for these kids to have their prom overlooking the Atlantic Ocean!!

Doesn't it look so pretty??  Joe and Abby said it was really beautiful once darkness fell, and the area was lit by the luminarias, candles and strings of light, that we had painstakingly arranged.  I wish I could have stayed to experience it!!

But, I just stayed long enough to take a few pictures, and then left Joe and Abby to enjoy their evening!

Abby's dress was beautiful, and they looked so nice all dressed up in their finery! 

The following two pictures are my favorites!    :)

I like this shot of Joe's classmates mingling along the sea.  I wish I could somehow capture the sea breezes and smell of the ocean and sound of sea gulls and post it all right here for you to experience -- but you'll just have to close your eyes and try to imagine it!

Isn't this a neat, old tree?  It seemed to inspire some different types of poses!  :)

Well, it was finally time to leave the kids to enjoy their prom, and head home to make supper!  Fortunately, Alan had made some baked beans and threw some burgers on the grill, and Hannah made a salad.  So, we sat down to a delicious meal about 9:30 pm!!


mommyx12 said...

Beautiful. You must be so proud.

Katie said...

Great photos! Hope they had a great time. :)

tlmalcolm said...

Beautiful venue, beautiful dress and handsome guy! Great combination!! I love proms! Our high school does a red carpet entry. The kids drive up and the teachers dressed in tuxs valet park their cars! And the red carpet is lined with parents and friends to watch the kids dressed in their finery walk in. It is so much fun to see them all decked out.

Rebecca's Refining said...

WOW! I am certainly jealous! My prom was nothing like that....of course, we did live in Cleveland by that time.

I will have to visit there...looks like a great "photo-op" as we call it!

I bet they had a great time. Abby is so beautiful, and they make such an adorable couple! :)

You showed great restraint to leave and return home, I would have been tempted to stay and enjoy the evening..with the company of my husband of course!

tlmalcolm said...

Proms are a huge deal here in NH! But our high school have brought the prom back to the gym and it amazes me how they can transform the place into a beautiful room every year by draping the walls, ceiling with cloth and lights. It is so amazing that they open the gym in the afternoon of the prom so townspeople can veiw it. The kids do all the decorating. It has brought down the price of the prom and they say more kids attend now that it is back at the school. My prom was at our gym and if I recall it still looked like a gym!!:)

Hannah said...

Abby looked so pretty!! Not to mention how handsome Joe looked...

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DKNY Jackets said...

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