Friday, April 1, 2011

Why I Was Hesitant to Get Up This Morning

I am generally the first person up each morning.  I like to get up early and put the coffee on to brew, unload the dishwasher, and sit in my special corner to have my Quiet Time, check my email, and blog a bit, while sipping my coffee and enjoying the peace and quiet and freshness of a new day.

But, not today.

Today, I was reluctant to get out of bed.  I did not want to be the first one in the kitchen.  I was in no hurry to start the coffee or make breakfast for the family.  Instead, I lingered in bed.

No, I was not feeling sick . . . just being  . . . cautious!

I remembered what it was like on this day last year -- when I drowsily dragged myself into the kitchen and turned on the water at the kitchen sink . . . . only to be sprayed all over with cold water!  :o  (My boys had strategically placed a rubberband around the sprayer so it would spray the unsuspecting person who turned on the water!  And, of course, they knew that person would be me!!!)  Then, I discovered that the coffee was already made -- but it was GREEN!!   

I turned my attention to making breakfast, and noticed that the egg carton was unusually light -- which was because some young man had blown out all of the eggs and put the empty shells back into the carton!!!  ;)  (That was pretty clever, wasn't it??)

There were a few more surprises awaiting me throughout the morning!  Yes, that is what happens when you live with a few teenaged boys with too much time on their hands!!!   ;)

But, today, so far at least . . . all is well.  Everything is normal.  What's it like at your house on this first day of April??


mommyx12 said...

So far so good. I don't think my kids really even know about April fool's day. I wonder if I should break them in with a few pranks of my own.

tlmalcolm said...

As a teacher I am always thankful when April Fool's day does not land on a school day! I don't teach on Fridays so I was safe this year! And the other teachers in NH are as well since the biggest joke of all was played...we had a spring snowfall that bougth over 8 inches of snow to the area and cancelled schools!!
I love the Donut Seeds! My kindergarten students received these from our writing teacher yesterday!

Rebecca's Refining said...

I have to admit, my family is pretty "dull" in comparison to yours! The girls played a joke on me once that I can remember...they set my clock ahead one hour!

I don't think anyone even realized today is "April fools day"! I should have been better at preparing for it... but then, the last thing we need in the morning is another distraction!

BTW..I love the seeds...I have never seen that before! :)

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

How funny! You'll have to let us know if there were any late pranks. ;) My oldest (13) is typically the one who plays the most jokes--adding salt to his siblings' cups of water, placing things in odd locations (hmmm...usually my shoes). My 8 year old salted his older brother's water today, so maybe the tables are turned.

becca jacobsen said...

Hey, it's me, Becca from "mama of 10." I'm so glad you found my blog and thanks for all your sweet, encouraging comments! I tried to find a way to email you, but couldn't find an address so I thought I would just comment here. It's wild how much alike we are! We're so similar! I'm so glad that I now found your blog and can't wait to have some time to read and browse through. So, how many do you have that have left the nest? Do you have any special needs kids? Have y'all ever thought about adopting? Your kids are beautiful. I'll be staying in touch : ) Blessings!

Noel said...

haha What a mess, but fun! :)

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