Wednesday, May 11, 2011

All in a Day: Open House -- Welcome to Our Home

I am excited to welcome you into my house today . . . even though I am not at home!  ;)  Actually, I am in SC all this week visiting with my parents!!  

Each Wednesday, the All in a Day bloggers explore a different topic pertaining to large families, and over the next few weeks we will be giving you a tour of our homes.  This will be a fun way to see how other families live, how they squeeze in a houseful of kids, how they organize and arrange their stuff,  and how they decorate! We would love for you to take a picture of the entryway to your home and post it on your blog and come back and link up here!

I thought I was all prepared for this post -- I took several pictures of our foyer before leaving town and had them on my camera so I would have a picture to use for this post; however, my dearest daughter, Hannah, thought them "unimportant" and deleted them off my camera!!  :(   So, I have been looking through old pictures on my laptop, hoping to find something to use.

This picture shows our front entrance.  Although the outside of the house is a bit formal and not really my preferred style, I do like this big wide porch and the double-door entrance.  I feel that it is very welcoming. 

I also love the wide, open foyer and the stairs.  This picture is taken from the walkway above, looking down into the foyer, and shows the front entrance, the doorway to the dining room (to the left) and the doorway to the living room (to the right). 

When you walk in the front door, this buffet table is straight ahead.  I am enjoying using it as a seasonal table.  This picture was taken in February when I had it decorated for Valentine's Day.  I plan to change the decor several times throughout the year to reflect the season or an upcoming holiday.  Won't that be fun??

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