Thursday, June 2, 2011

All in a Day: Open House -- Master Bedroom

This week the All in a Day bloggers are continuing the tour of our homes and stopping off in our master bedrooms.  Here is a peek into my master bedroom:

I will confess that I picked up a couple odds and ends off my bed, cleaned a pile of mail off my dresser, shortened the tower of books on my nightstand, and moved some shirts that were waiting to be ironed off my wing chair before I snapped these pictures!  ;)  I don't want you to have an unrealistic idea that my house is always "picture perfect!"  That is especially true in the master bedroom, which has a tendency to be a "dumping ground" for all the things no one knows what to do with -- like outgrown clothes, items to be mended, junk mail, and things to be returned.  However, reading this post motivated me to work harder to make my master bedroom a retreat!!  I'd love to know if you've been successful accomplishing this feat.

I do like this room -- it is laid out well, and I enjoy the furniture arrangement and the wall color I chose.  I agonized over that color -- but have found it to be a very peaceful, soothing shade of green that I would definitely use again!

Here is the list of blogs that are linking with us, so you can continue the tour of their homes:

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Rachel E. said...

I like your master bedroom, too. It's so good to know I am not the only one with a somewhat cluttered master bedroom. It does end up being a dump zone, doesn't it?

Mrs. White said...

What a lovely, relaxing room!

Mrs. White

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