Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All in a Day: Summer Goals

This week the All in a Day bloggers are sharing about summer routines; however, I'm deviating a bit from the suggested topic and discussing my summer plans and goals.

A couple weeks ago I made up a list of what I'd like to accomplish this summer.  I always start off my summer with an optimistic list of goals and projects, and never get around to all of them!  Nevertheless, having a list helps me use these summer days wisely, and I do end up crossing off many of the items on my summer To-Do list!

Here is my list of goals for this summer:

Spiritual Goals:
  • Make sure to have my Quiet Time each morning before my day gets away from me.
  • Go through Lord, I Want to Know You by Kay Arthur with a friend.

Homeschool Goals:
  • Complete 180 school days and wrap up this school year.
  • Plan upcoming school year.
  • Order BJU Distance Learning courses for upcoming year.
  • Create daily school schedule for upcoming year.
  • Research high school electives on local high school's website.
  • Look into signing up for Food Renegade's Nutrition e-course for kids.  (This would make a great Food and Nutrition high school elective!)
  • Host a BJU Distance Learning workshop in my home with homeschool consultant, Erika.
  • Host an informative meeting for homeschool moms to separate fact from fiction concerning homeschoolers being accepted into the local college.
Health and Fitness Goals:
  • Complete a 10 day T-Tapp boot camp.
  • Re-establish a consistent exercise routine.  (Yes, I fell off the wagon again!)
  • Review notes from my Renew University e-course.
  • Research causes and remedies for acid reflux. (My husband just increased his dosage for this problem, and I really don't like seeing him become dependent on so many drugs.)
Personal Reading Goals:

  • Clean out my closet.
  • Sort through and purge my homeschooling files.
  • Sort through books, organize book shelves, and figure out how to sell books on Amazon.
  • Go to the beach at least once a week!
  • Watch movies; play games, grill out!
  • Make Memories! 

Note:  Items in red have already been accomplished!  :)
What are your plans for the summer?

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LaSandra said...

Its good to see that someone else has summer goals!

I saw that your mentioned your husbands problem with acid relfex. I recently started seeing a chiropractor and from reading it looks like chiropractic care may have an affect on issues such as acid reflex, b/c it helps the nervous system function better.

Savannah McQueen said...

I am sorry I missed your "separating fact from fiction" meeting. There are many of us in GICHE that would have enjoyed that.

Rebecca's Refining said...

What a great idea to make summer goals! I really should do that! :)

I love the Kay Arthur Bible study! Of course, all of her studies are great! But I really like the "Lord" series.

What is the TTap book camp? I am struggling to find an exercise I enjoy doing consistently every day! I tend to rotate among walking, and various exercise videos.

Acid reflux: I know Burlin struggles with this as well. It can have bad side effects as it causes scar tissue to form. His dad has had to have his esophagus (I think) "stretched" because the scar tissue builds up and closes the opening so he can't swallow. When Burlin quit drinking any caffeine, he improved tremendously. (He went back to drinking caffeine coffee...... so back to reflux!)He doesn't take medication, but drinks a lot of soda water at night to relieve the discomfort. I can't convince him to switch to decaf! (We can all be stubborn about bad habits!)

I love the goal of going to the beach once/week! :) That would be the easiest to fulfill!!

I hope you meet all your necessary goals!

Baby Blessings said...

My summer goals around the house are to throw out/donate to Goodwill more "stuff" and to paint the trim in our house.

Of course, I always have to clean out our classroom, shelves, crates etc. That seems to be a never ending battle! :o)

Noel said...

I am very interested in the topic of homeschoolers being accepted into local colleges. Have you posted about this before or can you share your knowledge?

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