Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Winning Recipe

Did you know that my Creamy Cucumber Dip isn't my only winning recipe??  Actually, my special cheesecake won second place in a dessert contest that was part of the fun at our church's Freedom Fest during the July 4th weekend.

Here is a glimpse at the competition . . .

And here are the judges earnestly performing their duties!

My cheesecake, adorned in red, white and blue for the occasion, was the second place winner . . .  (beat out by a mere trifle!)

Tiffany also entered a dessert, which should have won an award for "Most Creative!"  I believe her creation best reflected the theme of the competition -- "What Does America Taste Like?"  She made a huge sheet cake which she decorated with an outline map of the USA, and adorned with the state fruit for several of the states.  Her creative juices were definitely flowing when she thought of this idea!!!

In addition to the dessert competion, there were three-legged races, watermelon eating contests, and fiercely competitive seed spitting contests!!  :)  It was a fun day!!!

Have you ever witnessed a bunch of sweet, Christian ladies competing for the title of Watermelon Seed Spitting Champion???  Check out this hilarious video!!  ;)


Noel said...

Ha! that's so funny :) LOVE cheesecake, I've been craving it lately! Hope you're having a good and not-too-hot summer :D

Rebecca's Refining said...

That looks yummy! :) Great job!
One day I will buy a new pan so I can try that award winning recipe!

LaSandra said...

All the food in this post looks so good!

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