Monday, July 18, 2011

The Entire Gang!

Do you know how hard it is to get the whole family together these days?  That's why when Ashlyn snuck in a quick visit a week ago, I made sure we assembled for a quick photo shoot after church.  Here is the entire family -- yes, all twelve of us!!!

Top row:  Hannah (14), Josh (19), Joe (17), Alan ("the new 30" -ish), Taylor (21), Chris (15)

Bottom row:  Bethany (6), Luke (12), Matt (9), Me (not yet "the new 30!"), Tiffany (26 today!), Ashlyn (23)

The following picture contains all of the above plus Josh's fiance, Kristi.

Group Hug!!  :)

Crazy Faces!!  ;)

Having ALL of us together was Fantastic, but Fleeting . . . .

Ashlyn is currently in Ecuador for a three-week mission trip, where she will be doing children's ministry and photo-journalism.  Hopefully, she will find time to post some of her thoughts and the pictures she captures here.


The Mayo Family said...

Awe...beautiful family!
So glad you had a nice time "all" together. I can't believe how lil-you are to all those children! :)
Cute- many of them I see have their Daddy's height!
I also enjoyed your post with the visit with your sis....
fun times and the days are racing by this summer that is for sure! :)
So happy all is well & that it was a case of the being busy! You had not posted in a while-missed ya'll!
Happy Birthday to Tiffany!

Rachel E. said...

Beautiful family. I know my time will come when I will not see all of my kids. It's more of a reason to enjoy them while they are young.

mommyx12 said...

Beautiful pictures. So glad you could get everyone together. It is hard when there are so many people to think about. We just a couple weeks ago did our 'gang' pictures. So worth the effort.

Donna G. said...

Elizabeth, you're just a tiny little thing in comparison to most of your kids' height! =)

Rebecca's Refining said...

Great family pics! :)

September said...

LOVE your family pics! I hear ya... it is HARD to get the whole gang together,,, even when they are all home! lol
Love your blog Elizabeth.. glad I stopped by.


Homequeen said...

Lovely, lovely family pics. God bless them all!

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