Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Adventures

August has been a very Busy month at our house!  How about at yours?? 

Among other things, we celebrated Bethany's 7th birthday.  Since Bethany is a classic tomboy who can't bear to let her brothers get the better of her, this gift from a friend was a Perfect Fit for her!  ;)

We officially started our new school year on August 15th.  Here's a peek into our homeschooling days.

Luke watching his 7th grade Math class.  (Bob Jones Distance Learning Online is Awesome!)

Bethany working diligently on her math.  She is learning how to rename (which was called "borrowing" when I was a little girl!)

Matthew watching his Reading class on DVD, while snuggling with Tiffany's dog, Sofi!  (One of the perks of homeschooling!)

Chris and Hannah had to do a blind Taste Test for their first Biology lab!  This was an experiment we all enjoyed helping with!   ;)

Chris and Hannah enjoyed some random microscopic moments . . .

August also included a trip to the Emergency Room when Chris dislocated his little finger while trying to catch a football at a homeschool picnic!   :(  Unfortunately, we did not get a good picture of his injury -- but imagine his pinky finger being shaped like the right half of an uppercase Y -- and you'll have a pretty good idea of what it looked like!  OUCH!!!

After about 3 hours at the ER, it looked like this:

And he was able to smile again!!

If you seem to recall another incident with Chris and a football . . . .you can read about it here!!

Another thing that happened in August, was Bethany learned to ride her bike without training wheels!  I absolutely love this video!!!  All but the last few seconds were shot by budding filmmaker, Matthew (age 9), who was also coaching Bethany all the while!!  I love his encouraging comments to Bethany, his funny asides to his audience, and the way he looks both ways for cars when Bethany starts riding on the road in front of our house!  This is just so precious!  I can't believe he captured it for me!!!! 

What has August looked like at your house??


Tim Strong said...

Great pictures and captions. Also, please have Hannah and Chris give me a call if they need help with their next blind taste test :-)

Rebecca's Refining said...

Thanks for the update on the family, and for the pictures and cute video! It was great to see a new post.

I have decided that Chris wants to pursue a degree in the medical profession as he loves visiting the hospital so much! I am glad that he is better now. Maybe he should consider not playing football in the future! (Burlin had to quit as he was knocked out too many times on the field!) And, on a side note: Isn't it great when it is *obvious* our child needs to visit the ER!

Congrats to Babe on her birthday and the great milestone of riding her bike without training wheels! Just think: you now have ALL your children out of diapers and training wheels! Quite the accomplishment I'd say! LOL

It looks like you enjoyed the science experiments! Burlin loves helping with those (except for when they are due on a night he worked late and is very tired...which homework is like childbirth--it never comes at a convenient time!) You can call me anytime you need help with the taste testing parts.....I have some trouble myself sometimes with the "thinking" aspects!

Mrs. Stam said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time, August was rough on us, we loss our little blessing so reading your post, made me happy :-)

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