Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Remembering Mum Mum

Today we remember Alan's Mom, who passed away a year ago in May.  Known by her family as "Mum Mum," she would have turned 85 today . . .  In honor of her birthday, I wanted to post this lovely picture of her with Matthew and Josh.  Matthew was her special pet, and Josh was her go-to man for any number of things!  We were taking her out to eat here, which was something she enjoyed!  I believe this picture was taken on Mother's Day 2007.


Rachel E. said...

Beautiful lady! The love of God shines through her.

Donna G. said...

Wow. It's hard to believe she passed away just a little over a year ago. So much has happened in your family since then (in case you haven't noticed). What a beautiful family you have, Elizabeth, both outside and inside. God bless!

Rebecca's Refining said...

While we were away celebrating an anniversary, Burlin's family was together to remember Tim - it was a year ago that he passed away. They had a memorial service at the grave, and then a family cookout.

I know how close your children were to Mum Mum, especially during the time she lived in your back yard! I love the picture of her with Josh and Matt. How thoughtful of you to continue to remember and honor her.

The Mayo Family said...

Awe Elizabeth what a sweet pic.
It so hard when we so love one & they are gone!
So thankful that God has given us special memories, pictures and family that is like the person to reflect on! :)
Thinking of you & yours-

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