Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hilton Head 2011 -- Part 1

Greetings from Hilton Head Island, SC where most of the family converged to enjoy a Labor Day weekend get-away!   It was amazing to have everyone here together, although we missed Josh (and Kristi), who had to work. (The woes of retail!)

Saturday evening was spent arriving and settling in, going to the grocery store to stock the kitchen with food, and watching the first college football game of the season.  My guys are big University of South Carolina (Gamecock) fans, and our cottage was shaking on its foundation due to their excessive couchzone celebrations!!  The Gamecocks came from behind (17-0) to win 56-37 . . . . so there were plenty of touchdowns to celebrate!!!

Photo from The Charlotte Observer

Sunday dawned drizzly but the sun eventually peeked out a bit and beckoned us to enjoy the surf and the sand.  After Ashlyn and Bethany Cook arrived, we ventured out for a late afternoon beach excursion.

Where Ashlyn gave Bethany a sweet little volleyball lesson . . .

I bet with practice, Bethany would make a good little volleyball player!

Bethany spent a lot of time playing by herself with this little pile of sand!  She was so cute!

Chris and Luke always build sand castles and dig holes at the beach!!!  It is their trademark!  ;)  Here is the masterpiece of the day!

I loved getting to spend time with my beautiful daughter, Ashlyn!  I really like this photo that I snapped of her while sitting on the beach together!!  While she is a real photographer, I'm just a "point and shooter" -- and I'm fine with that!  :)

Ashlyn is always alert to the needs of others, and she jumped up to help this couple get a picture together.

Sunday night we went out to eat at The Crazy Crab.  This is our favorite seafood restaurant, because it has been delicious every single time we've eaten there for the last twenty-one years!!

Not only is eating at The Crazy Crab a family tradition, but also getting a family picture by The Tree. . .

Is it time for a primer on everyone's names??  Back row is Tiffany (26), Taylor (21), Joe (17), and Alan (the new 30s!).  Middle row is Luke (12), Me (closing in on the new 30!), Ashlyn (24), Chris (15), and Hannah (14).  Front row is Matt (9) and Bethany (7).    (If you're wondering about that strange looking UFO behind Chris, it's a car backing out!)  :)

After the "say cheese for the camera" pose, we took a Crazy pic (which didn't turn out so well) and a Crabby pose!   (In honor of the Crazy Crab, of course!)  ;)

 Here are all the girls, including Bethany Cook, who has been a part of the family for 15 years!!

And here are the Bros!

Taking pictures helped the 45 minute wait go by faster, but it was late, and we were all starving, and so grateful to finally be seated and served baskets of hot rolls and hush puppies and cold glasses of sweet tea!!  (Gotta love the Deep South!)

Alan ordered a "treat" -- a pan of steamed oysters.  He introduced some of the kids to this "culinary delight!"  I wisely refrained from tasting one!  ;)

Bethany Cook bravely tried an oyster!  I think she actually liked them!

Tiffany and Hannah also braved a bite . . .

but were a little "disappointed" with the taste!!!  :)

Matt and Bethany Cook sharing a sip of root beer . . .

And this beautiful sight was my mouth-watering meal -- Broiled shrimp and scallops in lemon-butter, garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus!!  It was Awesome!!!!!

After our incredible meal, we went back to the Cottage and snuggled in with bowls of ice cream and watched Tangled.  Have you seen this cute movie?  It was a fun, family-friendly movie!

This post has grown long . . .but there are more pictures and moments to share . . . and more memories being made!  So, stay tuned for more coverage of Hilton Head 2011~!


the momma said...

We love steamers up here in Maine. Delicious! My oldest (5) bravely tried them the last time we had them and loved them, too. You just need to have enough butter! :)

busymomof10 said...

Well, the momma . . . maybe you have to grow up eating them! It's the slimy texture that grosses me out! Ugh!

Rebecca's Refining said...

Looks like you had a great time! I am thinking we should plan now for an annual sisters weekend to the beach! I am not picky as to which one! :)

The food looked incredible..other than the oysters! I just can't go there...sorry Alan! :) At least he ate them steamed and not raw!

The beach looked inviting too. Everyone looks great, and I am glad you were able to all get together (minus Josh), and spend some family time away!

Donna G. said...

I always enjoy seeing your sweet and smiling family, Elizabeth! Tfs!

lisa w. in SC said...

I grew up on Hilton Head...love seeing your posts about it.. I know live off the island in the next county...

Greg and Donna said...

Have lots and lots more fun! I love Hilton Head...beautiful beaches and lots of enjoyment! Eat some boiled shrimp for me! (Our favorite rest. was Hudsons but the food changed when they changed owners) We've always stayed at Folly Field Beach!

Julianne said...

I am from Michigan but was in Hilton Head last summer at this time and stumbled upon the Crazy Crab - BEST seafood!!! My family talked about it for the rest of the week :)

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