Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hilton Head 2011 - part 3 - "The Sherries"

For the first time since we've been spending this week in Hilton Head, my friend Lori and her family were not able to join us.  :(  It has been really sad to be here without them, as so many of our memories are tied to our times here with them . . .

But, on the positive side, our friends Sherri and Maddie (whom we affectionately call "the Sherries!") were able to drive over to spend some time with us and we had fun making memories here with them!

On Tuesday, we went to Harbour Town to see where the wealthy folks keep their toys!  ;)

The Fantastic Five plus Maddie becomes The Spectacular Six!  :D  These kids have a lot of fun together!

It was an absolutely Gorgeous day for a picnic in the park and some frolicking on the playground . . .

Wednesday was another "beautimous" day, and we spent it at the beach, soaking up some rays!  Then, we celebrated Luke's birthday (details in upcoming post) and said good-bye to "the Sherries." 

Fun Times, Fun Times!  :)

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Rebecca's Refining said...

What a great time! Those playgrounds are in such beautiful locations! Who needs equipment to climb on with all those great tree limbs???? :)

Glad you are enjoying your trip to the beach.......even if it is without your favorite sister! :)

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