Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hilton Head 2011 -- Part 4 - Luke's Birthday

Luke, who is #8 in the line-up, was born 13 years ago on Labor Day!  He is our only "Georgia Cracker!"  The rest are Sandlappers, with a couple Tar Heels thrown in for good measure!  :)

Luke has celebrated his last four birthdays here at Hilton Head!  Once again, Publix came through with a Delicious birthday cake!  

Here is everyone lined up and ready for Luke to open his presents!  They couldn't wait to discover what treasures were buried in those gift bags!

Luke scored lots of Gamecock gear this year!   (Just in time for the Big GA/SC game too!)

 And a pedometer, so he can keep track of how far he runs with those long legs!

Then Luke struck gold!!  The treasure he had dared hope for was there -- Prince Caspian --  his absolute favorite movie!!!  :)

Of course, we had to watch it right away -- just so Luke could resurrect the debate over whose fault it was that the Attack on the Castle failed -- Prince Caspian's or Peter's???  LOL!

Happy Birthday Luke!!!!   


Donna G. said...

Luke picked a GREAT time to be born! Some years his birthday will be a national holiday. If his recent record holds true, he'll be going to Hilton Head every year! Hope you're all having a great time! XO!

Rebecca's Refining said...

What a great place to celebrate a birthday! Such an awesome tradition you have started! :)

Happy Birthday Luke!

Katie said...

Looks like a great trip for all of you. Oh yeah, Go Dawgs!!! ;)

Serena said...

Ha that is too funny my daughter was born 13 years ago on Labor Day also. Its awesome now she knows someone that is born on the same day and year. Happy Birthday to your son, my daughter is loving being 13 :)

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