Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 Days of Pumpkin: Day 29

Yes They're All Ours:31 Days

One thing I aspired to do during this 31 Day Challenge was to learn how to make my own pumpkin puree from fresh pumpkin.  But, it just always loomed before me as too time-consuming and too daunting of a task.  I have a pretty busy household, you know, and after all, I'm no pioneer woman!   ;)

However, if you are interested in trying this yourself, I discovered a wonderful tutorial from the Pioneer Woman herself!!!  ;)  She makes it look doable -- and even makes me wish I had fit it in . . .  maybe next year!

Here is the link, which is not only informative but beautiful:

Even though I neglected to make my own pumpkin puree, I did attempt one thing that I've always wanted to try -- I roasted my own pumpkin seeds!!  (My sister should be proud of me!)

I used the seeds that I removed from my pumpkin when making that delicious pumpkin stew.

I followed these instructions from the Kitchen Stewardship blog.  Evidently, soaking the seeds before roasting them increases their nutritional value.

If you don't want to soak your seeds first, here are some very simple instructions from

These were easy to prepare and they make a very nutritious and delicious snack, so I definitely recommend you give them a try!!   I will make them again!

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Rebecca's Refining said...

I AM proud of you for finally giving this a try! They are a delicious and nutritious snack!

We have not yet bought a pumpkin so we have not made any......I will have to remedy that dilemma soon!

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