Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Tying Factory

A new pair of athletic shoes with old-fashioned shoe strings instead of velcro meant that a new skill needed to be mastered!  So, I had to sit down and teach Matthew how to tie his shoes . . . 

Then he immediately taught Bethany!!!  

Isn't that sweet??

The remarkable thing about this is that I've never actually taught any of my children how to tie their shoes!!  Really!!!  It's true!!

I know this is hard to believe, since I do have ten children with a combined total of twenty feet!!  ;)   But, it's the truth!  

Want to know my secret??

I sent them all to the "tying factory!!"

My Dad would open his "tying factory" whenever we came to visit and had a child who didn't know how to tie and was old enough to learn!!  :)  

So, it was my awesome Dad who taught nearly all of my children how to tie their shoes!  In fact, I think he probably taught Matt at some point, but with the popularity and convenience of Velcro shoes, Matt forgot how to do it.  

It was high time I taught someone, anyway!  ;)

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Rebecca's Refining said...

I never taught any of my children to tie their shoes either! I tried with Amber, but Burlin laughed and said I tie shoes weird, so HE would teach them! LOL

I never knew of the tying factory...or we could have taken advantage of that through the years!

Congrats to Matt and Bethany on learning a new skill!

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