Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nourishing our Families through Cooking

Yes They're All Ours: Nourishing November

As I discussed in my last post, we want to endeavor to feed ourselves and our families the most nourishing foods we can.  However, what if we are unable to afford or locate grass-fed beef, free-range poultry and eggs, organic produce, and raw milk?  I believe that by simply avoiding the local drive-thru and by leaving most of the processed foods on the shelves and focusing on purchasing and preparing real food from scratch, we can be encouraged that we are nourishing ourselves and our families. Anything we make ourselves will be far healthier than its supermarket counterpart.  As we are able, we should certainly upgrade the quality of ingredients we purchase; however, just preparing simple, home-cooked meals for our families is very nourishing.  I love what Renee Degroot, author of Health for Godly Generations, said in her October newsletter:

"Cooking at home displays love, tradition and hospitality in a way no TV show or restaurant meal can.  Cooking used to be about nourishing the body and nourishing relationships -- hence people still love the symbol of it . . .  Cooking in your own home will keep the symbol alive for future generations, as they remember your customary style, your signature dishes, and your personal touch.  Cooking is a great ministry because food is more than a product -- it brings not only nutrients, but also loving attention, creative details, and nourishment for the relationships within a family or circle of friends."

Remember that each time you prepare food for your family, you are not just "throwing another meal together" -- you are nourishing bodies and relationships!!!  What a privilege and responsibility!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on nourishing your family through cooking.

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Jules said...

I just want to say that I've been enjoying your posts over recent months even though I've only commented on a few.

I love that we can nourish our families through our cooking. I will admit that cooking is not always my favourite of activities (although I seem to have fallen in love with it again since renovating our kitchen) but I've always been interested in the nurtritional and healing value of foods and how they can be incorporated into our daily diets.

Something I heard on a documentary makes me pause if I'm tempted to buy processed food from the supermarket and it was this: Would our grandmothers recognise it as food? If the answer is no, then put it back!

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