Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Family Thanksgiving

Before I leave my Nourishing November series, I wanted to squeeze in one last post about our family's Thanksgiving.  For you see, spending time with those we love celebrating holidays and special occasions, making memories, and observing family traditions are also ways we nourish our families.  

We had a quiet Thanksgiving this year, with just our family (minus Ashlyn, plus Kristi).  No guests.  It has been a few years since we've had such a low-key Thanksgiving day!  (Why is that when we don't have company, we are tempted to make things less special??  Don't our families deserve The Best we have to offer??)

The kids started off the day by running in the local Turkey Trot!  

Bethany, Matt and Tiffany ran the 1 mile Fun Run.  Then, Matt ran the 5K, too, with Chris, Hannah and Luke!!  It was their first race, and they all did amazingly well!  It was a very small turnout (maybe 40 runners?), but Luke came in 7th and Hannah was 8th!  Not bad for their first effort!

Back at home, Tiffany worked on her pies . . . 

And the Big Guy helped peel potatoes!  :)

Plus, the guys played football at the marina for about two hours!!

Then, Hannah and Bethany set the dining room table and made it look special . . . . 

And Hannah took pictures of some of the handsome fellas in our family!!

Does Matt have this posing thing down, or what???  ;)

It took a little longer to get dinner on the table, because the oven started shooting sparks and quit working in the middle of baking the side dishes!!  Fortunately, Ole Tom was browning nicely in a free-standing Roaster Oven and the sweet potato casserole was able to get done in the oven.  We finished off the rest of the casseroles in the microwave, went without rolls (we didn't need those extra carbs anyway!), and eventually took one of the pies to a friend's house to bake!!  

When it was finally time to eat, everyone gathered in the kitchen, eager to partake of their annual favorites.

Alan asked God to bless the food and thanked him for His Many Blessings to our family during the past year(s).

Amen . . . and dig in!  ;)

Here is my plate!  (It looks so good, I'm ready to eat it all over again!!)  ;)

I love seeing my family gathered around the table, enjoying good food and good times!

After eating our fill, we all went around the table and shared some things we were thankful for.  In our family, this is a time of seriousness mixed with hilarity!  :)  Especially when Alan shared an embellished version of how we met!!!  ;)

Taylor impressed us with his Tebow-inspired speech!!  He promised to come prepared next year with an even better speech . . . and a girl by his side!!  Hmm . . . .

Then, Alan and the boys built a fire . . . and we all got warm and cozy, and you know what happens when your belly is full of turkey and all the trimmings and you get warm and cozy . . . 

After our naps, it was time for dessert!  We enjoyed Tiffany's delicious pumpkin and apple pies!

And before we knew it another Thanksgiving was behind us . . . . only to be remembered through the stories, the pictures, and, of course, the blog posts!   ;)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....we talk about the good ole days, all your family has to do is read your blog and realize they are living the rich good ole days!!

Suzy said...

"It took a little longer to get dinner on the table, because the oven started shooting sparks and quit working in the middle of baking the side dishes!! "

I had the same thing happen! Luckily, my entire family lives close by, and my sister let my husband bring the casseroles over to finish, while I entertained our guests, and finished the stove top food (gravy, corn,that kind of thing!)

One year, it happened at my parents' home also, I wonder if it is the couple of days of intense use that does it?

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