Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nourishing November

I'm a part of a small Yahoo group of ladies that provides encouragement, prayer support and accountability for each other.  We also motivate each other in the areas of health and fitness with monthly challenges.  We had a September Sizzle and an October Obliques and now we are doing a Nourishing November Challenge.

Yesterday in the shower, I suddenly had a burst of inspiration to adopt the Nourishing November theme here on my blog.  (I get some of my best ideas in the shower!  Do you??)

Now, understand -- I am not committing to blog 30 days in a row or anything crazy like that!  ;)  I don't want to put undue pressure or stress on myself during this busy season, because being stressed out is the antithesis of  nourishing ourselves!  

But I do want to focus on some ways that we can make this a Nourishing November!

It seems that once we reach November 1st, we turn the corner and rush headlong into the holiday season, and in the process, we often forget to nourish ourselves with healthy foods, exercise, and enough rest,  because we are so busy with all the extra things that crowd into our schedules and with all the sweet treats that somehow land into our mouths.

So, I challenge you to begin to think of ways that we can nourish ourselves and our families this November.  If you'd like to write a guest post for me, just let me know!  Or if you know any good resources to share, please do!  Let's make this a Nourishing November!

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Anonymous said...

I almost sent you a reply asking you to do this very thing; but did not because I did not feel like I should....but the LORD was leading you anyway! I will be so thankful to receive encouragement in becoming healthier; i.e. healthy choices for meals, etc. But I love your emphases on nourishing our whole selves which I am sure is what the LORD would have us do. I was so thrilled to read your post this answer to my prayers! Thank you for your faithfulness in following the LORD's leading! I believe he was telling me to hold off my note to you, for HE already had it covered!! "Amazing Grace, how can it be...." So thankful that I can leave ALL things to HIM & HIS Timing!
Love & Prayers, Sweet Elizabeth!

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