Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Fun

There's more to life than pumpkin, although you may find that hard to believe if you've been following my blog this past month!!  :)

In addition to trying many new recipes over the course of the last 31 days, we've also celebrated a couple family birthdays, enjoyed a fun field trip, and other adventures.

Christopher celebrated his 16th birthday on October 1st.  Looking back over my pictures, I discovered that most of my photos from that night were really blurry and of poor quality.  Not sure why.  I'm going ahead and posting some of the best ones, as they're all I have from his big day!

This is a picture of our friends, Tim and Sherri, who like to come and help us celebrate birthdays in our wild and crazy style!  :)

Ashlyn also observed a birthday during the month of October, but we did not get to celebrate with her. :(  That is one of the hard parts about children growing up and leaving the nest.  

I love the cooler temperatures that autumn brings, and the temps dropped just in time for our homeschool group's field trip to a Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch.  It was a picture-perfect fall day! I love this picture of all the kids on the haystack!

We had to be educated in corn maze etiquette before we could enter!!

It was more challenging than we expected to find our way out, but even when we were "wandering in the wilderness," we relied on our fearless leader and never complained because we were tired or hungry or thirsty or lost!!  Ahem!  ;)

After finally conquering the maze, we retrieved our lunches and conquered our hunger!  Then, we embarked on a hayride, which was fun for "kids" of all ages!!

The kids really enjoyed feeding and petting the animals . . .

and capturing each other and locking each victim up in the stocks . . .

It was a fun day and a fun month!  


Hannah said...

it was fun!!! :D Now time for you to post about the Pevensies. I did! yay me!

Mary Ellen said...

I wanted to do a corn maze this year, but never got it on the schedule! Super fun idea!

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