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Staying Healthy the Natural Way {a Guest Post}

Yes They're All Ours: Nourishing November

Today I'm sharing a guest post from Mary of The Encouraging Home.  She has a wealth of wisdom on staying healthy the natural way.  I sure wish I had had this information at the beginning of the month, before I succumbed to a nasty "cold virus" that hung around for well over two weeks, eventually going into a sinus infection and then settling in my chest and giving me a nasty cough that still lingers to this day.  :(

It's that time of year again -- when the colds and flu start. Are you prepared to keep your family healthy?

There are basic things that we all know to do: drink plenty of water, limit sugar intake, get seven to eight hours of sleep each night, exercise (T-Tapp is amazing!), and eat healthy foods.  But have you thought of these things?

  1. DON'T take the flu shot. Instead, we take a flu homeopath. It is called Flu Nosode or Influenzum.  This is something we take off and on throughout the year, especially as fall and winter approaches.

  2. Drink green smoothies. I love to grow plenty of greens in my garden for smoothies. When I don't have them, don't have time to blend a smoothie, or extra energy is needed, I use Nutritional Dreams Dream Greens.  I love the minty flavor that I have not found in other green drinks. (Most do not taste good to me.) My kids even drink it! The most amazing benefit that I have found is that is cuts out my craving for sugar -- a BIG plus!

  3. Use Essential oils. The highest quality that I have found is Young Living. We use oils daily topically or diffused in our home. Essential oils were used in the Bible and the health benefits are excellent. My favorites are Peppermint, Lavender, Peace and Calming, Purification, Lemon, and Thieves. Thieves oil is especially great during the cold and flu season to kill germs. Add peppermint oil to your water. Tastes great. Helpful for digestion, detoxification, stress relief, increased immunity, and much more.

  4. Try Living Clay. This is the newest part of my health regimen and I am very impressed! It is the main staple in my first aid kit and I always have it with me. You can drink it, bathe in it, use it topically for bug bites, cuts, burns, broken bones, for brushing your teeth, for facial care (you will NOT believe how smooth your skin can feel!), and so much more. Living clay sounds amazing and it is!

  5. Visit a natural practitioner. I have been sick all my life with many problems, including chronic fatigue, Epstein Barr virus, thyroid disorder, fibrocystic breast disease, and endometriosis. I am thankful that my parents took me to natural practitioners, after the doctors wanted to put me on medication and treatments. (My mother survived stage 4 breast cancer the natural way 23 years ago.) If they hadn’t, I would have been living on medicine and not having a productive life. Today, I am in better health than ever. 

  6. Take high quality vitamins and supplements. We take liquid B's, D, Co-Q10, Green Tea, along with vitamin C, a multi-vitamin and fish oil.

  7. Take Sambucol (elderberry syrup) to prevent getting sick or when you notice the first symptoms. You might want to try making your own.

  8. Try Aloe Arborescens. This is a super-immune boosting product. Pricey, but worth it to stay healthy all through the winter.
  9. Be careful with hand sanitizers. They are so convenient to carry with you, but should not be a replacement for soap and water. I like to use one made with essential oils when we are on the go.

  10. Eliminate emotional stress.  This is easier said than done. Stress can kill you and suppresses your immune system. This last year was extremely difficult due to a trial we faced. I allowed it to take over my life. Thankfully, I had the Lord to see me through and everything I described above. An additional help was the book Who Switched Off My Brain?  Using scripture and scientific research, Dr. Leaf helps you learn how to take control of toxic thoughts before they do damage and how to heal from the ones that already did. Everyone should read this book!

You can stay healthy during the cold and flu season. It takes an investment of time and money, but it is worth it to build a healthy immune system and have a healthy family. I hope this will provide you with some suggestions for staying healthy this winter.

Mary is a farm girl and homeschooling mom to two sons. She blogs about her crazy but blessed life at The Encouraging Home.  She is passionate about her faith, family, homeschooling, healthy living the natural way, and T-Tapp.  Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.  


Lisa Grace said...

Some of your suggestions are very new to me ... I'll be checking them out! I already *love* essential oils. In fact, I threw my back out a week ago and they have been an awesome source of relief!

The Humbled Homemaker said...

Great post and list, Mary! You have been so helpful giving me new ideas for healing! Thanks!

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