Friday, November 18, 2011

Top Ten Nourishing Foods

Yes They're All Ours: Nourishing November

What are the top ten nourishing foods that we should include in our diets on a regular basis?

The answer to that question depends on whom you ask!  ;)

Dr. Aziz in The Perfect Ten Diet lists these Top Ten Perfect Foods:

  1. Eggs
  2. Shellfish
  3. Dark meat from poultry
  4. Wild salmon
  5. Cruciferous vegetables
  6. Oranges
  7. Oatmeal
  8. Butter
  9. Olive Oil
  10. Whole Milk (preferably raw or at least organic)

Surprised??  I bet these aren't the same ten foods you or I would have chosen!  He likes these particular foods because of the beneficial effect they have on our hormones.  He has pinpointed ten key hormones that are directly responsible for our weight, our health, how we feel, and how we age. His goal is to balance these ten hormones, and his assertion is that weight loss will follow.  These ten key hormones are:
  1. Insulin
  2. Glucagon
  3. Leptin
  4. Thyroid Hormone
  5. Human growth Hormone (HGH)
  6. Cortisol
  7. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
  8. Estrogen
  9. Progesterone
  10. Testosterone

Dr. Aziz asserts, "From breakfast cereal to fast food, today's culinary landscape has been disastrous to overall health and these ten hormones.  Hormonal imbalance is not a joke.  Diet, nt drugs, is both the problem and the answer.  Consuming a healthy diet enables one to be fit and to postpone aging.  Hormonal imbalance accelerate the aging process at the cellular level and set you on the path toward disease."  (page 76)

Another dietary guru, Jordan Rubin, in The Maker's Diet, identifies these foods as "The Maker's Top Healing Foods" for health and longevity:
  1. Fish and fish oil
  2. Grains of the Bible:  barley and wheat
  3. Cultured dairy from goats, cows and sheep
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Small fruit (figs, grapes and berries)
  6. Soups/stocks
  7. Healthy saturated fats (butter, coconut oil)
  8. Raw honey
  9. Pomegranite
  10. Grass-fed beef, poultry and wild game
  11. Seeds (soaked and sprouted)
  12. Free-range or Omega-3 Eggs
  13. Cultured/fermented vegetables
  14. Organ meats
  15. Fermented vegetables
  16. Green vegetables
His recommendations would line up with the dietary guidelines from the Weston A. Price foundation.  

While I agree with the recommendations of both authors, I find them very difficult to follow.  How about you??


Mrs. Stam said...

that is very interesting, we eat lots of the food you have listed here :-)

Heidi said...

We eat lots of these, too, but some not very much. Interesting!

Noel said...

I have "the maker's diet" book and it is excellent. I truly believe most of our illnesses could be cured by good diet and that God spent several chapters in the Bible telling his people what to eat is very interesting/inspiring.

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