Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How Do You Feed Thirty Hungry Guests??

First, you have to find a place to put everyone!!  :)

Sixteen here around our long dining table with all the leaves in place!

Eight people around the breakfast table with "Lazy Susan" (which just happens to be the style of table the Chinese people are accustomed to!)

Six people here . .

And six people here . . .

Then you decide on a menu.  I wanted to serve a combination of food I thought the Chinese might like plus regional dishes that would give them a good taste of the South!  I also needed food that was filling and would stretch to feed a crowd!!

My main dish of choice was a huge pot of Brunswick Stew, which is a regional dish that proved to be a very good choice!  I also served Grilled Teriyaki chicken thighs, Boiled Shrimp, Sauteed Green Beans, Cabbage sauteed in bacon drippings, Honey-glazed carrots, and good ole southern macaroni and cheese (cooked in crock pots, since my oven was still out of order!).  They seemed to like everything but the macaroni and cheese!  ;)

Alan had warned me that they like hot and spicy food, so I had bought two bottles of Texas Pete Hot Sauce, which they all sprinkled liberally on everything -- including the macaroni and cheese!  ;)

You might enjoy this video of Alan describing the Brunswick Stew and being translated into Chinese!

After giving details and directions about the unfamiliar food, Alan asked everyone to form a big circle and join hands, and then he proceeded to ask God's blessing on our food, on our family, and on our guests.  :)

Then, it was time to eat!  For the most part, I think our guests enjoyed their American meal . . .

They must have enjoyed the Brunswick Stew, as almost all of it was eaten!  Also, the cabbage was a favorite, and one man told me that it tasted just like his mother used to make for him!  :)

During the meal, there was plenty of lively dinner conversation at all of the tables!  Alan's "brother" saved a seat for me by him, and as soon as I could finish up in the kitchen, I took my seat!  He then proceeded to make a speech (all of which was translated) telling us what an honor it was to be sharing a meal with us around our table and how privileged he felt to be included as a "member" of our warm and loving family!  It makes me tear up to recall his kind and gracious words!!  (I wish I had them on video!!)

Meanwhile, in the other room, our guests were playing a game with the children, teaching them "their number" (based on their place in the family) in Chinese!  They also taught them other Chinese words and asked them questions about their life.  I think everyone really began to "bond" over dinner!  It was a special time!

But the real fun came after dinner!!  I can't wait to finish up this series tomorrow, by sharing some neat pictures and awesome videos that were taken later in the evening!!  You will surely be blessed!! So, make sure to check back!


Miss W said...

Wow... :) Impressive!

I reckon the issue with the mac & cheese might have been the cheese.

mommyx12 said...

Is that impressive or what? You have pulled that off in a big way. Good for you. I suppose things like this HAVE to begin with a serious plan and you did it. What a lovely day it must have been.

Katie said...

You are the epitome of a southern hostess! Everything looked great!

Samantha said...

Ditto the others :)

I have one question. what kind of dishes are your white dishes? i noticed your lovely white serving bowl with the green beans and i have noticed in other posts your lovely white dishes......are they china or stoneware? what pattern? i just love them!!!

busymomof10 said...


My dinnerware is from JC Penney by Chris Madden. I bought it about 5 years ago -- not sure if it is still current or not.

Phyllis Sather said...

I made the cabbage and bacon last night and it was a hit. Now I need the macaroni and cheese recipe and the cheeseburger soup recipe. Sounds like you will keep me busy trying new recipes.

We were in China in 2000 - Oct. 11 - exactly one month after 911. One of many fun stories happened on the great wall. I got separated from our party and was standing still looking around for a familiar face when a Chinese man started saying something to me. I recognized the word but was trying to remember what it meant. I finally realized he was telling me to move along.

Then there was the Chinese man I hugged, thinking he was my husband.

And all the photo shoots that the Chinese wanted to take with all our very blond children. All the young women wanted to rub Eric's cute 10 year old head.

We were supposed to be encouraging a family who lives there but I'm afraid we were the ones who were encouraged and fell in love with the Chinese people.

Susan said...

I just today found your blog and love it. I did a random search for banana bread and found yours. Love when I find a great blog to add to my blog list. Not sure where you live now..but I'm in middle Georgia. I have enjoyed reading some of your posts and getting to know you. Awesome dinner party. Now I'm just being nosy. Just how tall are the guys in your family? Your hubby towers your guests.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Susan! So glad you found my blog and took time to visit awhile! My husband is 6'10"!! My oldest son is 6'8"! I will soon be the shortest in the family! ;). Right now I'm still taller than the 8 and 10 year olds! ;)

I live on the Georgia coast - moving to a new house on Saturday!!! Make sure you read my Christmas Miracle posts!

Susan said...

I did read all about it. Isn't it great how God is always on time! Looking forward to seeing and hearing about the new house.

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