Monday, December 12, 2011

The Preparation -- Getting Ready for 30 Special Guests!

Wow -- I can't believe it has been ten days since I last posted anything!  These last ten days have flown by in a flurry of activity!  As if daily life is not busy enough, add in Christmas shopping and wrapping, being a semi-faithful "basketball mom," and preparing for 30 dinner guests . . . and you'll know why my blog has been silent!

This last week was truly overflowing as we Cleaned and Organized and Shopped and Cooked and Prepared for this . . . .

Thirty Chinese government officials!!!  In our home for a meal!!! 

Do the Math -- 30 Chinese guests + 12 of us = 42 for dinner!!  :o

It was overwhelming at times, and I could never have done it all alone -- the whole family worked hard this week to get everything ready!  I love this picture of Matt and Bethany, peeling over 30 carrots for me to cook!

I wish I had a picture of Hannah, Chris and Luke washing and drying mounds of dirty dishes on Friday!!!  (Tay did a heap of dishes on Saturday afternoon, as well!)  Everyone pitched in where needed!

At times, I was tempted to panic, as I thought of all that needed to be done!  But, I just kept remembering the words of Elisabeth Elliot, and kept trying to "do the next thing," and thankfully, everything came together!  (A Big Thanks to those who prayed!)

Yes, it took much planning and preparation.  In the end, we remembered to buy all the gifts; we prepared much food; and we definitely prepared our home for these important guests from China, but do you know what we forgot??  We totally neglected to prepare our hearts.  We had no idea how they would squeeze right into our hearts during our short time together!

What a poignant reminder for us during this busy Christmas season -- to take time to prepare the most important thing of all -- our hearts to receive the most important "guest" of all -- Jesus Christ!  

A Christmas Reminder

We make a list,
And we check it twice.
We buy all the food,
Right down to the spice.

We shop for a gift
For each one on our list.
We cook and we clean,
but what have we missed??

We forget to stop
And choose the best part.
For the crux of Christmas
Is Christ in our heart.

~Elizabeth~ 12-12-11

More to come!  Check back soon for more details and pictures about our amazing evening!


Lisa Grace said...

WOW!!! I can't imagine fitting that many people into our home, let alone feeding them with just my normal kitchen space. What a feat!

Donna G. said...

Thanks for sharing this blessing--you were truly a blessing to these people, and I see they were a blessing to you, too!

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