Friday, December 2, 2011

Putting Up the Tree

If you put up a Christmas tree, do you have it up yet?  

We usually put ours up on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and often take it down the day after Christmas!  I'm always eager to see it go up, and just as eager to see it go down!!   ;)

Joe and Tiffany are always the most excited about decorating for Christmas, and they took the project and ran with it this year!  I don't know what I'd do without their amazing "Tebow-leadership!"  :)

We trim the tree with the most beautiful crocheted garland that a friend made for me about 13 years ago.  I love how it gives the tree an old-fashioned look.

One tradition that I've carried over from my childhood is that of giving the children their own keepsake ornament each year.  Here are two of Joe's ornaments:

Here is my little Bethany, modeling her new Christmas shirt -- a gift from a generous, Christmas-loving sister!  :)

Once the lights and garland are all in place, everyone starts looking for his or her box of ornaments and then finds the perfect spot on the tree for each ornament.  That's the fun part of decorating the tree!  (Fortunately, we gave up the tedious practice of adding those static-filled silvery icicles decades ago!!!!)  ;)

This is just a random picture of Chris, which I had to include simply because he looked so handsome!  :)

Tiffany, rejoicing over a job well done!

I must admit that I love the cozy glow that the Christmas tree adds to our home!


Anonymous said...

go gamecocks! go christmas!!

Rebecca's Refining said...

I was hoping to get our tree up after Thanksgiving, but so far no luck in that department! I need Burlin's help to get it up from the basement and set up, then the children can take over! I too get anxious to take the tree down after Christmas...but I think it is the extra "clutter" it makes! I love turning off all extra lights, and just watch the flicker of the tree, while listening to Christmas music!

Thanks for sharing the "lighting of the tree" with us!

Noel said...

I love it! and yes I'm just as glad to see the tree go as I am to get it up :D It's hard to believe that another year has gone by.

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