Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend in SC -- Part 2: Downtown Greenville!

On Sunday morning, we enjoyed sitting around my parent's breakfast table sipping coffee and catching up on the news. 

Ashlyn was able to join us for the morning coffee and conversation . . .

much to Bethany's delight!  :)

Then, we headed to downtown Greenville to spend some time with Ashlyn before leaving for our home on the Georgia coast.

Downtown Greenville has been totally revitalized and is once again the heart of the city, so it was enjoyable to walk around and enjoy the city's charms.

We opted to eat lunch together at Sticky Fingers.

I ordered this very satisfying salad!

Hannah ordered ribs . . .

and enjoyed every bite!

Then we walked down to Falls Park.  When I was growing up in Greenville, the Reedy River was polluted and hidden from view by an unsightly bridge.  It is amazing to see how this area has been transformed!!

The Liberty Bridge.

I took this picture just because this sign cracked me up!  ;)

I love this pic of my Beautiful daughter, Ashlyn!

Then it was time for the inevitable sad good-byes . . . .

Bethany never wants to leave her Ashlyn  . . . and neither do we.  :(

Weekend in SC -- Part 1: Apple Picking!

Last weekend, we made a whirlwind trip to South Carolina, leaving here at 4 pm on Friday and leaving there at 4 pm on Sunday!  For such a short trip, we sure packed a lot in -- so much, in fact, that it will take me two blog posts to share all the pictures I took!  ;)

The primary purpose of the trip was to take a van load of furniture and boxes up to Ashlyn, who is moving into a little house there.  This necessitated taking most of the seats out of the van, so we could use it for cargo space rather than passenger space!  Therefore, only three kids were able to go with us.  Who got to claim these highly coveted spots was finalized with a good old-fashioned coin toss!  ;)

We stayed at my parent's house and enjoyed getting to sneak in a little visit with them.  Saturday morning Alan showed them his pictures from his once-in-a-lifetime trip to China back in May.

Many years ago, my Dad took a business trip to Japan, and for quite some time thereafter, every time we had guests he would drag out the slide projector and get out the boxes of slides and show all of the images from his trip to Japan.  My sister and I got So Tired of watching those slide shows!!! (Sorry Dad!)  ;)  At least nowadays, it is much easier to share -- Alan just whipped out his Ipad and let the "slide show" begin!  ;)

I'm not sure what story Alan was relating here . . . but he was obviously "into it" and my parents look very intrigued!!!  ;)  LOL!

Then we drove over to Ashlyn's little house and unloaded the things we had brought for her.  Alan was So Happy to get rid of the 5 boxes of her Character Camp stuff that he celebrated with a Diet Coke!!  LOL!

Then we headed for the mountains!!!  Our destination was one of our family's favorite fall spots -- Sky Top Apple Orchard in Flat Rock, North Carolina!  We haven't been there in several years, since moving away from the Upstate of South Carolina, and our visit was eagerly anticipated!  It ended up being a picture-perfect day!  This picture was taken on the drive up highway 25.

Sky Top had grown a lot since our last visit and was packed with eager apple pickers and tourists from all over!  Cars were parked everywhere!!!  Apparently, lots of other people also thought it was a perfect day for apple picking!

Sky Top is a beautiful slice of God's creation and a great place for a family outing!

There are plenty of places for those yearly pictures of the kids!  ;)

We headed for the Fuji and Golden Delicious trees, but I've since been thoroughly educated by my Facebook friends on how delicious Honey Crisp apples are . . . . so I'm hoping we can head back to Sky Top next fall to try some Honey Crisp.

Our family has the special ability to pick those choice apples from the upper branches of the trees -- no ladder needed!  ;)

My beautiful daughter, Hannah!

Joe conducting an official Taste Test!  :)

Apples, apples, apples!

In addition to a bushel of apples, we purchased some of Sky Top's Delicious apple cider, a jar of apple butter, and some hot apple doughnuts!!!  Then, we found a picnic table and sat down to savor a snack of cheddar cheese, freshly-picked apples, and apple cider (which we shared with some eager yellow jackets)!!

Before we left, we had to visit one of our family's traditional photo spots!  Only this time, we didn't have enough faces to fill all the spots!!  :)

Apple picking is the epitome of Fall Fun -- have you been apple picking yet this year?

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