Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day at Our House

Christmas Day was on the Lord's Day this year -- which was totally a Blessing, but altered our normal Christmas Day traditions to some degree.

We did start the day with our traditional Christmas morning Breakfast Casserole, cinnamon rolls and eggnog -- but instead of our normal leisurely breakfast, we rushed through our meal so we could run out the door for church!

Our church service was a blessing, turning our hearts to the Greatest Gift of all, and reminding us of the true meaning for Christmas!!

After church, we gathered on the front steps to take a family picture.  Several attempts later, we changed clothes, ate some leftovers from our Christmas Eve party, cleaned up the kitchen, and straightened the house a bit. Then, mid-afternoon, we finally gathered around the Christmas tree to open our presents.

Our tradition is to start with the youngest child and proceed to the oldest, and then go through the order again until all gifts are opened.  We usually make it through four to five rounds before the gift pile is exhausted.

Bethany started us off!  She was thrilled with her "comfy socks."

Matt was thrilled with these Star Wars PJ's!!

Oops!  No pictures of Luke opening presents!  Not sure how that happened!  Sorry Luke!  :)  He got lots of WWII "legos" and some gym shorts!  (Alan said, "Now we know what you'll wear every day this year, Luke!")  :)

Hannah got some books that were on her wish list.

New jeans and an American Eagle shirt for Chris!

Random cute pic of Hannah, Tiffany and Chris!

Oops!  Another gap -- no decent pics of Joe and Josh opening presents, so moving on to Tay!

Some new jeans and an American Eagle shirt!

Amber's turn!  (It is fun having my niece here with us!!)

A new coastal Georgia T-shirt (because she only has heavy winter clothes!).

Ashlyn got some bread pans and some Dunkin' Dark coffee!

Another pic of Ashlyn. . .

opening a crock pot!  She's still setting up housekeeping since moving to a house this fall.

Tiffany was excited to get a book about one of her favorite concert pianists, Lang Lang from China.

Cozy jammies for Hannah and Tiffany!

After the children opened their presents, we cleaned up the mess and rested for awhile.  Way too soon, it was time to get our Christmas dinner on the table.  (I was reminded of why I like to have the big meal mid-day -- by evening I'm just too tired and and my motivation and enthusiasm for putting together a big meal and making it special are definitely lagging!)   Nevertheless,  I managed (with some help) to get a nice meal served.  Alan prepared the main dish this Christmas -- a pork loin stuffed with sausage and spinach, which was Delicious!!   I added mashed potatoes and gravy, sauteed green beans, and sweet potato casserole to round out our Christmas dinner.

I wanted to show you a picture of the place cards that Hannah and I made this year.  Inspired by an idea we saw on Pinterest, we made these candy cane place card holders.  Aren't they too cute??  Unfortunately, I don't think they were intended for warm, humid climates, because they were quickly a sticky mess!!!  :(

So, that wraps up Christmas for another year!~!  How was your Christmas??


mamamia said...

Wow, what a wonderful day you all had! Ours was pretty similar, except we didn't go to church as I'd not had enough sleep the night before, to be able to drive safely.
We did Christmas lunch at 4pm, so we didn't need dinner, lol!

Rebecca's Refining said...

Looks like you had another wonderful Christmas celebration! :) Thanks for including Amber in your festivities! I am sure she will love that T-shirt too!!

Loved the pictures! Everyone was dressed so festive. Wouldn't it be fun if we could coordinate our two families for Christmas some year??

mommyx12 said...

So fun reading about everyone's Christmas. Your pictures a all so beautiful and everyone so happy! I'm having a hard time getting around to the blogs I read but I'll get there.

Have a blessed day!

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