Monday, January 2, 2012

He's Official!

Joseph -- our 5th child, and 3rd son -- turned 18 the week before Christmas -- but he was out of town (bet you can't guess who he was visiting!), so we didn't celebrate his birthday until the day after Christmas!

Fortunately, Joe is very laid back and easy to please -- and never complains that his birthday celebration gets intertwined with our Christmas preparations and/or celebrations!

New shoes -- just what he asked for!  :)

Lookin' good!

Despite what it looks like, his cake was not on fire!  Just glowing with 18 candles, which of course, he easily blew out in one breath!  :)

Not only did he get the usual "Happy Birthday" song, but he got it sung to him in Chinese, too!  :) Now how many people (other than the billions who live in China!) get sung to in Chinese for their birthday??  :)

1 comment:

Rebecca's Refining said...

I'm sure Joe didn't mind celebrating his birthday late....especially when he was enjoying being in Florida for that special day!! Happy birthday to a fine young man!! :)

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