Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making Progress the Slow and Steady Way

In the same notebook where I discovered my Lifetime Priorities and Goals, I also found my goals for the year 2000.  I had listed several specific goals under each of my priorities that I hoped to accomplish that year.

Looking back at that list, I see that I did not accomplish all of my goals for that year, nor any year since that time, for that matter.  While at first glance this may seem deeply discouraging, it actually encourages me!  That's because, looking back, I realize that I did make significant progress towards fulfilling most of my Lifetime goals during the past twelve years.

That means that even when we fall short of accomplishing all we set out to do, we can still be making progress toward our overall goals!!!  Isn't that encouraging??

Sometimes, as women, we can be too hard on ourselves, scrutinizing our failures and shortcomings and overlooking our victories and successes.

Based on this exercise, I see the wisdom of identifying our lifetime goals.  Then, even if we fail to reach our short-term objectives, we can still be encouraged by our overall progress.  I remember a story that my mom used to read to my children hundreds of times when they were little.  It was a Disney version of the classic fable, The Tortoise and the Hare.  In the book, Goofy often quoted his motto for life: "Slow and steady; steady and slow. That's the way we always go."  As we all know, it is the one who makes slow and steady progress who ends up winning the race!

However, I must confess that I do see some areas where I've failed to make slow and steady progress through the years, and that makes me sad.  I wish I could go back and make different choices in order to have been successful in these areas of my life.  One key area would be that of weight loss.  Yes, it was on my list of goals for 2000 -- except the number was much smaller back then.  :(  In other words, if I had been successful with that goal at that time, I wouldn't have such a huge amount to lose now.  :(

(Hey, I think I'm feeling inspired here -- what about this?  "A pound in time saves nine!!")   ;)

Seriously, I'm reminded of these incredibly wise words by my role-model, Charlotte Siems, who lost over 100 pounds and 9 sizes with the help of the T-Tapp workout:

The little things you do every day matter.  Even when it doesn’t look like they matter.
A choice to exercise, even for five minutes.  A choice to skip exercise.  A choice to eat three cookies….or not.
The trick is that even when you make the right choice, you don’t see the results right away, today.  Maybe not even in two weeks.  But you'll see the results in two years.
We are so used to instant results in our modern world.  Email rather than snail mail, microwave rather than campfire, car rather than covered wagon.
All those daily choices have subtle, tiny effects.  By the time you see the results, the choices are ancient history.  At the time you made the choices, nobody noticed but you.  But everybody will notice the eventual results.
We want to tell ourselves that the little things don’t matter.  But before we know it, the days pass and the months fly by and we’re left wondering how we got here. 

To read the rest of what Charlotte had to say about how to be successful in weight loss and in life, click

So, I've been doing a lot of pondering about priorities and goals and actions, trying to figure out why I've made progress in some areas of my life and not in other areas.  What's really the key to achieving success??  In my next post, I'll share some insights that I've gleaned.

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Life Project said...

Thank you for writing this post. As a young mom of two under two and one on the way, I need to be reminded that these little things are, in fact, important and that I don't have to achieve all I set out to do in one day. Thank you for the encouragement!

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