Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bridal Party Fun

A weekend ago, Kristi gathered her bridal party and the Moms together for some bridal party fun!

First stop was Olive Garden for a big Italian feast!  Gotta love their delicious salads and breadsticks as much as their entrees!  We also gave our waiter quite a workout grating all that fresh Parmesan cheese for us!  :)

Of course, I had to whip out the camera and document our fun!

Both of the Moms ordered Lasagna!! :)  It was so filling that we only ate about half and took the rest home!  (I never saw mine again . . . Josh quickly took care of it!)  ;)

I couldn't wait to see Kristi's face when our waiter brought her the Chicken Parmesan she ordered!  I knew she would be Shocked at how much food was there!  :)  But she didn't mind having leftovers to take home for later!

I love this pic of Kristi's Mom!

After making sure our waistlines were all sufficiently stretched out, we headed to David's Bridal to try on bridesmaid dresses.  (I think we did that in the wrong order!)  ;)

Ashlyn made the long drive to join us and be part of this special time, much to Bethany's delight!!

Cute outfit, Ashlyn!  :)

David's Bridal is a Busy place!  Waiting on our turn with a bridal consultant . . . 

Love this picture of Tiffany and Hannah peeking out of the dressing room, while trying on the first dress style!

Ashlyn points out that you never know when it might rain for your wedding -- so what about matching rain boots??  ;)

Love, Love, Love this picture of Ashlyn!!!!  :)

Kim and Emily modeling the dress style that was unanimously selected!

Hannah, Kim, Tiffany, Emily . . .  four beautiful young ladies!

I love this pic of Kim and Emily!

The bride-to-be surrounded by five of her bridesmaids!

Stay tuned for more wedding posts as the Big Date approaches!  :)


busymomof10 said...

For another perspective on our fun adventure!!! :)

Rebecca's Refining said...

Thanks for sharing the wedding fun with those of us that cannot be there to enjoy!!
The dresses are beautiful! The girls all look soooo pretty!! :)
I think you are right about the order of events.....probably should have tried on dresses first!! But, important thing is everyone had a great time of shopping and fellowship together!!

tlmalcolm said...

What fun!! And the dresses are very pretty! What color? I was checking out rehearsal party sights today. I think we've decided on the pavillion at the ocean! Enjoy all the planning!!

Anonymous said...

So exciting! The girls look gorgeous! Take care.

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