Saturday, February 4, 2012

More Birthday Celebrations!

On Thursday afternoon, I drove to Jacksonville to pick up Abby from the airport!  This year, there were no flight delays like last year, so before she knew it, she was being wildly welcomed into Our Home once again!!

Joe was still at basketball practice, when she arrived, so we did the only logical thing -- eat without him!  :)   I made Abby's favorite -- spaghetti and meatballs, tossed salad, and garlic bread in honor of her birthday, which was January 31st.

After Joe got home from practice (and took a shower and consumed a couple huge plates of pasta) we sang happy birthday to Abby (and Amber) in English (and in Chinese, which is our new custom)!! 

I made my famous cheesecake, for Abby's birthday dessert, much to everyone's delight!!!

YUM is all I can say!  :)

Then it was time to share gifts and cards and other expressions of love with the birthday girls!

Josh and Kristi gave Abby some Bath and Body works spray in Japanese Cherry Blossom  -- her signature scent!

Joe gave Abby a cool necklace from American Eagle, and Tiffany and I gave her some dangly earrings.

Then, she opened my personal fav -- this cool T-shirt from Joe . . .

Isn't it adorable??  (Not sure if you can read it, but the shirt says -- "Joe Cool!"  ;)

Just a random pic of Luke!

Amber also got some body spray and earrings . . .

and some cute sandals!

This Northern girl is well-equipped with winter boots, but had no sandals or flip-flops . . . so now she will have the correct shoes!  :)   (For the uninformed, sandals are appropriate attire for South Georgia in February!)

Happy Birthday Abby and Amber!!!  :)

1 comment:

Rebecca's Refining said...

Great birthday celebrations!! :)
I LOVE the new sandals!! They are Amber perfect I would say!

I love Abby's t-shirt that says Joe's girl! How cute! The Joe cool one is too!

Thanks for sharing! It isn't as nice as being there, but it helps to take part in the fun and celebration!!

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