Sunday, February 5, 2012

Homecoming 2012

Friday night was Homecoming at Joe's school . . . and the last home game of his basketball career -- a bittersweet moment, for sure.  

This is a picture of the team during a time out, gathered around their coach, which just happens to be my own dear husband!  Alan certainly didn't know what he was getting into when he agreed to coach Joe's team this year!  Shortly after he agreed to coach the team, their point guard left to attend another school, and the young team has been plagued by injuries, leaving him with only 5 players for most of the season, one of which had never played basketball before!!  Nevertheless, it has been a challenge, but he and Joe, as the only senior and captain of the team, both continued to give 100% all season long, never giving up. 

I love watching Joe play!  He is a natural athlete and gives his all on the court, even if they are behind by twenty points and there are less than 20 seconds left in the game.  However, he never lets his talent go to his head.  He is a team player, always eager to pass the ball off to someone else for the shot. If I ask him how many points he made in a particular game, he rarely even knows the total!!

I really love this shot of Joe going up to snag a rebound!  (With a vertical like that, it's no surprise that he has as many as 20 rebounds a game!)

Side note:  See the ref in the background?  That's our awesome pastor!  :)

During halftime of the boys' game, they announced the homecoming court.

This is Joe's classmate, Gabby, and her father . . .

And this is another classmate, Aimee, and her father.  Aimee and Gabby are two of three seniors on the girls' basketball team.

Aren't the crown bearers adorable??

Guess what?? Joe was chosen Homecoming King!  He was crowned by his good friend and last year's king, Sam.

And Gabby was crowned Homecoming Queen!

Introducing the HCA Homecoming King and Homecoming Queen for 2012 . . .

The Homecoming Court had to stand there forever smiling for pictures.  I kept thinking -- What on earth am I doing out here?  An overweight, middle-aged woman, surrounded by fit and fabulous high school students????  LOL!  ;)

So glad Abby was able to be here this year for the Homecoming Game and festivities!  Check out the special shirt she made to wear for the game!

Isn't it Adorable?!?

Saturday night was the Homecoming Dance.   Here is a picture of Joe and two of his teammates.  Don't the guys look nice all dressed up??

Are you getting tired of looking at pictures of my handsome son yet??  LOL!  OK, I'm almost done!  ;)  Let me just share a few pics of Joe and Abby all dressed up and looking fantabulous!  :)

(I'm wondering if that's a gator in the water behind them??)

I think this is my favorite one . . .

Which picture did you like best?


tlmalcolm said...

All the pictures are great. And as I read your comment that a middle aged woman standing there I'm thinking who is she talking about!!:) You are still young in my eyes!! The little girl who I first meet all those years ago when you came to pick us up at camp!! LOL!! I still miss the high school sports! I loved watching basketball! Is Joe considering any college ball? He has the height for sure! But college sports are so different than high school!

Rebecca's Refining said...

What a great night of ball and festivities! I can't believe Abby designed that shirt, she did an awesome job! :)
Beautiful pictures of the homecoming dance too! Love Abby's dress! (I don't think it would look as nice on me though! LOL)
Thanks for sharing! :)

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