Saturday, February 25, 2012

Of Memories, Celebrations, and Competitions

Life has been full steam ahead around here, as usual!

On Thursday, Amber (my niece) wanted to dress up like Clara Barton for a lesson she was teaching to the 3rd graders at school.  Her lesson would be video-taped and sent to her college professor for evaluation, so she wanted it to be extra special.  She was looking for something "Clara Barton-ish" to wear, and look what I found for her!!

Seeing this dress brought back lots of Memories, because my Mom made me this dress back in 1976(!) for a big bi-centennial celebration at my school!  My Mom was an excellent seamstress and she never did anything half-way, so this dress was meticulously made, and yes, I've saved it in my closet for over 25 years!  :)   (Thank you, Mom!!)

Amber must have appreciated getting to wear my dress, because look what she brought home for me that evening!!!!  :)  (You can't read all of it, but it says, "To the bestest Aunt ever!  I <3 you!"   Wasn't that sweet???  :)

On Friday, I drove Joe to a college a couple hours away to take part in a Scholar Day Competition.  Meanwhile, my pastor was jumping out of an airplane to celebrate his 40th birthday!!!!  Yes, it may sound crazy -- but it's true!!

Here's a picture I "stole" from his facebook page to prove it!  :)   He is on the left!

I dropped Joe off at the college, and drove home through terrible thunderstorms, getting back just in time for Pastor David's SURPRISE birthday party at the church!  I was glad to be part of his celebration!!

Meanwhile, Alan met Joe at the college, where Joe's every move was being scrutinized!  Their Friday night and Saturday included campus tours, banquets, panel discussions, scholarship interviews, etc.

So, that's what my life has been about lately -- memories, celebrations and competitions.  How about yours??

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