Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Giveaway from The Homemaker's Mentor


First of all, I know I promised to kick off a new series for mothers on Tuesday . . . you may have noticed that I didn't post it. Well -- the truth is . . .  I just didn't get it together!  :(   Sorry, folks!  Please check back next week -- I hope to have it going by then!

In the meantime, here is the giveaway I promised!

I have a couple really neat items for the homemaker from Marmee Dear!  I know you will love these, as I'm having a hard time giving them away!  ;)

First of all, I am giving away a copy of he Homemaker's Mentor, Print Issue Two, which contains very detailed and helpful articles on:

* Sewing Simple Skirts
* Making Fruit Roll-Ups
* Making Beef or Venison Jerky
* Black Bean Basics
* Storing Water for Emergencies
* Mother Hubbard's Cupboard
* Gifts of Homemade Granola
* Bread Bowl Tutorial
* Bathroom Cleaning Basics
* How to Clean your Kitchen Until it Sparkles!

Secondly, I am giving away an issue of the Mother-Daughter Tea Cozy Club from Remembrance Press, which contains tips and recipes for hosting a high tea.  It also contains a CD featuring a conversation with Martha Greene (Marmee Dear) about her mother, Elizabeth Gurganus.

You will be so blessed by these publications!!


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