Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break at Our House

It's Spring Break here this week (at least for some members of the family -- all of the spring breaks fell on different weeks this year).  Abby is here for the week; Tay is home for a few days; Amber is done student teaching and enjoying her time off -- so we've been in Fun mode around here and the house has been a hub of activity!!!

First, we filled out our brackets for March Madness!  (That's a pre-requisite for living in this household!)  ;)

Tuesday, we went to the Village to do a little shopping  and came home with one of these . . .

It was a picture perfect day!!  Highs in the low 80's with warm sun and a refreshing breeze!

We spent the afternoon hanging out at our favorite park . . . the one that is adorned with sprawling Live Oaks and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

The kids enjoyed playing football and ultimate frisbee in the big, grassy field.

The day was perfect . . . until Joe came carrying a "wounded soldier" off the "battlefield" . . . .

Who would have thought that a flying frisbee could crack a tooth in two leaving only a jagged triangle in little Bethany's mouth??

That meant I spent Wednesday morning at the dentist's office and proceeded from there to the endodontist's office, where the dentist sealed off the exposed nerve.  :(  More dental work will be in Bethany's future . . .   :(

Wednesday afternoon, we spent a delightful day here . . .

We finally tore ourselves away about 6 pm.  Like I told the kids, someone has to go home and cook supper!

The college kids hit the beach again today, while the Fantastic Five and I went to homeschool co-op.

Tomorrow, we are headed to South Carolina to visit my parents and "return" my niece, Amber!  Unfortunately, she has to go back to winter in Wisconsin and finish out her senior year so she can actually graduate.

So, we have a fun weekend ahead!  I can't wait to see my Mom and Dad and also my sister!  I'm also hoping to squeeze in a visit with my BFF who lives in the upstate of South Carolina.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to share any pictures with you, as it appears that my camera has shuttered and died.  (Sorry - I couldn't resist!)  ;)

I'm very sad.  I mean, what's a blogger to do without a camera?????????????


Hannah said...

Poor Cammie. :'(

Rebecca's Refining said...

It must be all the boys in the house that makes you fill out those brackets!! :) I have one complaint...You have OSU losing..I know that you are next to Florida, but you should show some loyalty to your sister here in Ohio!! haha (Fortunately, I really don't care about the games!)

It looks like you have had a great week soaking in the sun at the beach and park, shopping, and anything else you could squeeze into your hectic schedules!!

Thanks sooooo very much for hosting Amber these last 10 weeks!! She has really enjoyed it and would love a more permanent position!! It was nice to know she has been in such good care, and having some fun!!!

Look forward to seeing you this weekend, though my stay will be very short!! :(

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