Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who Home Schools? {an interview}

Savannah, over at Hammock Tracks, recently interviewed me for her Who Home Schools Series.  If you've ever wondered why we chose to homeschool, what philosophy of education we follow, and what our vision is for our children, you will definitely want to read this interview!

Here is an excerpt:

  • What is your goal in home educating your children?

God gave me a vision for a home-centered life style with obedient and godly children. I wanted to impart my own values to my children and to give them a biblical worldview.  I wanted to protect them from the negative influences and humanistic teaching in the public schools, and to teach them godly character and love of God and family.  I also wanted to spend time with my children and encourage them to turn their hearts toward their parents and brothers and sisters, rather than their peers.  As time has gone by, these goals have only been intensified and confirmed!   

To read the entire interview, click HERE.  Please take time to give Savannah some feedback while you are there!  (Bloggers love to receive comments!  hint, hint!)  :)

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