Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why I'm Doing Something I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Do

When I first learned about Pinterest, I promised myself I would not go there!  I heard how addictive it was, and I didn't want to allow any more of my time to be sucked into the black hole of cyberspace!  So, I resisted the temptation. . . 

However, the lure that finally caught me was Josh and Kristi's upcoming wedding.  I was told repeatedly that the "only way" to plan a wedding on a tight budget was to glean from the many creative ideas shared on Pinterest.

So, I took the bait . . . and was hooked!

I did spend some time initially browsing for wedding ideas and also really enjoyed looking at decorating and craft ideas for the holidays; however, I am happy to report that I have kept a tight rein on my Pinterest time, and not gotten carried away!  In fact, I really haven't spent that much time just browsing on Pinterest -- not that I wouldn't like to!  It is a fun source of endless ideas!  

Actually, I've found a way to use Pinterest that doesn't take up time that I don't have, and even helps me save time and be more organized. It saves me time by enabling me to find recipes, articles, and ideas easily whenever I want to use them! It also keeps me from cluttering up my inbox by emailing myself all the links I want to be able to find again!

Let me share how I use Pinterest to help me be more productive, not less:

First of all, I installed the Pin It button on my Google Chrome Toolbar.  (Instructions can be found here.) 

Then, whenever I am on the internet browsing my favorite blogs, discovering yummy recipes, interacting on social media sites and following links for thought-provoking articles and ideas, I just click on "Pin It" to save the health article, craft idea, wedding decoration, or nutritious recipe for later reference.  At that point, I can scroll through the "pin boards" that I have created and select the most appropriate one for pinning the new information, idea, article or recipe, or I can easily create a new board that better suits this new piece of information I've discovered.

For example, awhile back, I discovered a recipe that looked yummy to me -- Black Bean Salad with Corn, Red Peppers, Avocado, and Lime-Cilantro Vinaigrette.  (See photo above!)  I love anything with lime or cilantro, and it looked so healthy and colorful!  So, I pinned it to my Nourishing Food board.  I also pinned it to my Recipes to Try board.  I figured I would go looking on one or the other of those boards when I was ready to try a new recipe!  

Then, last Saturday when I needed to make something for our church fellowship meal, I didn't have to rack my brain, trying to remember where I had seen that recipe!  I knew exactly where to find it -- on Pinterest!  It was so quick and easy to find and print the recipe so I could try it out!

Of course, it is undeniably fun when I find a few extra minutes to just peruse Pinterest and watch my creative juices flow.  However, most days I don't spend any extra time on Pinterest -- I just use it to organize helpful pieces of information I encounter, as outlined above.  

What about you?  Are you on Pinterest?  How do you use Pinterest to serve you and not derail you?  Would you like to see the things I've been pinning?  I'd love for you to Follow Me on Pinterest!!

Oh, and by the way -- the black bean salad was delicious!  My family liked eating it like a fresh salsa, scooping it up in tortilla chips!  :)


Katie said...

That's how I use Pinterest too. I rarely browse Pinterest. Mainly just hop over there to look up something I had pinned earlier. That dip looks so good! Thanks for sharing!

busymomof10 said...


That's cool! Great minds pin alike! LOL! :)

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