Thursday, April 26, 2012

Joe's Senior Prom

Here are the pictures I promised from Joe's Senior Prom.  Unfortunately, I wasn't home Saturday evening to share in the excitement or to take lots of fun pictures, but Abby's Mom did an excellent job!  I can't wait to share these amazing photos with you!  In fact, it was hard to narrow it down to just my favorite dozen!  ;)

Joe told the florist exactly what he wanted for Abby's wrist-corsage, and we were all pretty impressed!  He did a great job designing it, didn't he?

They had a beautiful photo session out on the golf course behind our house overlooking the marsh!

Don't they look perfectly color-coordinated??

A typical crazy Joe face!  :)

I know I'm a little bit prejudiced -- but don't they look absolutely amazing??  :)

Unbelievably, this is their third prom together -- they attended Abby's senior prom back in Albany, Joe's junior-senior prom, and now his senior prom!

Joe can pull off the serious look too!

One of my favorite poses!  I love the way Abby's dress is blowing in the breeze!

OK -- I LOVE this picture!  Handsome young man plus beautiful young lady plus picturesque location equals one Stunning photo!  :)  Don't you agree??

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Anonymous said...

Love it mom!!!
Thank you so much for your post! ...Always LOVE reading and looking through your blog posts. You're a blessing to everyone around more ways that you know!
Love always and SEE YOU SOON! :)

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