Saturday, April 28, 2012

Make Me a Blessing: Writing Notes of Encouragement {Revisited}

Do you remember my recent post on blessing others by Writing Notes of Encouragement?  

Not long after publishing that post, I discovered an interesting column in our local newspaper, entitled, "A Few Thoughtful Notes Will Help Keep the Mail Comin'."  This piece was written by Rhonda Rich, syndicated columnist and expert on all things Southern.

She is a great storyteller and I always enjoy reading her columns! The point of this article was to encourage her readers to help keep the postal system alive and delivering mail six days a week by writing and mailing more letters.  She offered wise words of advice based on her personal experience:

"We need to mail more letters such as handwritten, thoughtful notes that cheer a person's day or remind them how much they mean to us."  
"Now, trust me on this:  Not one of your children or grandchildren is going to print out a typewritten email and lovingly save it for years.  Or put it in a fireproof box.  When they move on to another computer or laptop, your emails will most likely be lost.  That means that you need to sit down now -- don't delay -- and write a letter of love and admiration for each of your children and grandchildren." 
"Send a card to encourage someone."  
"If you're looking for an edge in courtship, try a love letter.  It's cheaper than a dozen roses and lasts a lot longer."  
"The point here is this:  We can bring love, family history, gratitude and cheer to others and, at the same time, save the postal service.  Let's get busy writing."

I thought her column dovetailed nicely with my recent Make Me a Blessing post on the value of writing notes of encouragement.

Then, to make it even sweeter, I learned that SendOutCards is the largest consumer of first-class postage in America!  Now, isn't that an interesting coincidence!!  ;)  In fact, SendOutCards was awarded the Mail Innovation Award by the United States Post Office on April 2, 2012 for "demonstrating creativity in the use of the mail to drive significant business results and mail growth."  You can read all about it here!  It was amazing to read about this award --

This award comes after SendOutCards spent over four years working with its customer base, its distributor base and the United States Postal Service to create a new first-class postage piece called picture postage. As the largest consumer of first-class postage in the United States, SendOutCards was chosen by the postal service as the first to ever use this innovative postage.

Now, isn't that cool?!?  So, you have the perfect opportunity to encourage or bless someone in your life, help out the struggling US postal system, and support the #1 consumer of US first-class postage by sending cards via SendOutCards!  (Have you signed up to send your free card yet??  Remember that everyone who creates a free account before next Thursday is entered in a drawing to receive a free package of gourmet brownies!)



Jules said...

I'm glad that I decided to visit your blog even though I've not been receiving your blog updates with my other ones. (I had just assumed you were too busy with an upcoming wedding to post.) Must be a glitch there somewhere.

One of my goals this year was to write more letters - something I love doing by the way - and this post has inspired me to make sure I make the time to actually get around to doing it.

busymomof10 said...


Thanks for stopping by! That is a great goal -- to write more handwritten letters!

Have you updated my URL in your blog roll? It is

gingery said...

I was searching to find out how to write a letter of blessing and ran across this article on how to bless a widow/widower. I was widowed over 3 years ago and so many blessings came to me, but this gives way more ideas on things I can do to help others. She is so right when she talks about not asking what you can do because she is numb. So true and you feel like a burden. I would never have asked anyone for help. I want to write a letter of blessing to a couple who are neighbors of mine. They helped me when I cared for my husband at home on hospice in his last 3 months of life. Now they can fix anything and I live in the country on 21 acres and always have things come up trying to keep mowers and tractors running, plus I had a water leak 2 weeks ago. They are amazing in their loving care for me. I want to write a letter of blessing. I was going to type it so it was legible but have decided that no matter how bad my handwriting is, I need to do it by hand. Hope I'm tapped into your blog now.

busymomof10 said...

Thanks Gingery for taking time to leave a comment. I'm glad you happened to find my blog! I definitely encourage you to hand-write your letter of blessing! Great idea!

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