Saturday, April 14, 2012

Making Paper, Baking Cakes, Investing in Lives

Ever thought much about how paper is made?  We learned about it on Thursday at our homeschool co-op meeting, where a visiting artist taught the children how to make paper out of recycled paper pulp and onion skin.  It was a very interesting process.  They all caught on quickly and made page after page of pretty, textured paper!

After a quick lunch, we piled into vehicles and headed to the local Salvation Army homeless shelter, where the older girls made three large cakes to help feed the hungry people that come there for a hot meal each night.  We moms helped the younger children roll plastic forks in napkins, while listening to the director share about why Obama's policies and ridiculous government regulations are hurting homeless shelters, how they caused the recent closing of a church-run shelter that fed 200 people a day, and why this shelter may be in danger of closing.  It was a very sobering conversation.  :(  She urged us all to Vote Wisely in November!  

What a blessing that our children are learning to serve others and feel at home at this shelter for the homeless, a ministry that has found its way into our hearts in recent weeks!!

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Noel said...

Your children are learning wonderful life lessons that simply would go unlearned in other modes of schooling. Great job as teacher and mother and yes, can't wait to vote wisely :)

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