Monday, April 2, 2012

Marriage Monday: Created to SOMEDAY be His Help Meet


Last week we talked about some specific ways that a wife can fulfill her calling to be a help meet to her husband.

But, what if you are reading this and you are a single young woman, still living in your parent's home?  Or what if you are a mother of daughters, who wants to prepare them to be helpers to their husbands some day.  How does this teaching apply to you?

Daughters can begin now, while still living in their fathers' homes to prepare to be a help meet to their future husbands someday by finding ways to honor, help and bless their fathers.  There are several items from the list I posted last Monday that are appropriate for daughters to do.  This is excellent training for daughters and they can learn many life skills in the process.

I know daughters who help in their father's business.  I know daughters who make dozens and dozens of pies for their father's clients every Christmas.  Every Sunday I see daughters who play their musical instruments while their Dad sings and leads worship.  I also know daughters who visit widows in nursing homes and brighten their days, in accordance with their Dad's wishes.  Some daughters take on the challenge of couponing and shopping for bargains for the family, so as to help stretch their Dad's income.

My own daughters have done various things to help their father through the years -- such as, bake bread or brownies for him to take to someone he wants to bless, make sure there is a pitcher of tea ready for him to drink each evening, make him something sweet to eat on Sunday afternoons, take him out a cup of cold water when he is doing yard work on a hot day, iron his shirts, make his lunch for work, help him minister to widows from our church, etc. Teaching our daughters to notice and do these things for their fathers is the best training we can give them to prepare them to be help meets to their own husbands some day.

If you are a daughter still at home, what are some ways that you can help your Dad?  Please share any specific examples you can think of that illustrate how you have helped you own father.  Or, if you are married, please share about how helping your father prepared you for being a help meet to your husband.

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1 comment:

futurehope said...

that's a good thought!

I'm married, and so it doesn't apply to me directly, BUT i'm filing it away in my mind as something to teach my daughter when she's old enough to understand (she's not born yet...still pregnant)

good thoughts! :)

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