Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shameless Bragging!

So Excited and Proud of Joe, who is now the State Champ in the 800 meter event!  He runs again today in the 400 meter race!  

He just started running Track for the first time this spring -- but that long stride must give him the winning edge!  :)

Way to go, Joe!!!  :)


Katie said...

What an accomplishment! Good ole Hugh Mills Stadium....spent several HOT days there running when I was in high school! Never made it to that top spot though. :)

busymomof10 said...

How cool that you ran in the same stadium! :)

Kristi Lea said...

WAY TO GO JOE!!! How wonderful!

I just left a respose to your comment a while back. I'm so sorry...I find it so hard to get to any blogs these days. I know there are seasons for everything in life, and this is just one I'm in right now. Thanks for the URL update!! Now I can keep up with you all, when I have the time! :)

You look wonderful, by the way!

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