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Tummy Toning Tuesday: Step 2 of the Tupler Technique

Welcome to Tummy Toning Tuesday!  Yes, I know it is actually Wednesday . . . but before you give me a hard time, please read this post!!!   I totally love this blog and this mama's heart for her children!   And yes, this is a good time to remind you (and myself) that my priorities are: my relationships with 1) God, 2) my husband, and 3) my children, and 4) the management of my home.  I must keep this blog in its proper place, after my biblical priorities, even if I do end up a day late and a dollar short!  ;)



First, let's review the 4-Step Tupler Technique®  that rehabilitates a diastasis recti, or separation of the abdominal muscles.

The 4-Step Tupler Technique® includes:

  1. Tupler Technique® Exercises (Elevator, Contracting & Headlifts)
  2. Splinting with the Diastasis Rehab Splint®
  3. Using your abdominals correctly with activities of daily living
  4. Getting up and down correctly

Last week, I talked about Step 1 - Exercises.  Today, I want to talk about step 2 - Splinting.

Step 2 - Splinting

Purpose of the splint:
The splint is specifically designed to treat diastasis recti, a common condition resulting from pregnancy. The purpose of the splint is to help pull together the two halves of the outermost abdominal muscle (recti), making the recommended Tupler Technique® exercises more effective. It also helps heal the weakened connective tissue.

Wear it all the time under your clothes
The splint needs to be worn under your clothing and over a camisole or fitted undergarment to hold it in place better.  Wearing the splint ALL the time (even when sleeping) facilitates the fastest results.  Julie Tupler explains it this way --  If you broke your leg you would have to wear a cast to heal the broken bones. Your muscles have separated and you need to wear the Diastasis Rehab Splint® to heal the connective tissue to bring the separated muscles together. 

You are constantly using your core muscles when performing routine daily activities.  Learning to engage these muscles while doing routine activities, and wearing a splint, which brings these muscles closer together when engaged, will speed up the process of closing a diastasis.

How is the splint different from a girdle or control top pantyhose?
The purpose of other girdles or bands is compression or bringing the abdominal muscles back towards the spine. The purpose of the Diastasis Rehab Splint® is to approximate or pull the two halves of the muscles closer together. The splint is worn between the bottom of the rib cage and the top of the hip bones, so each side of the recti can be brought towards the middle. The Tupler Technique® trains your core muscle to do the work of bringing your belly to the spine for a flat tummy. Wearing a girdle lets the girdle do your ab work for you!

Julie Tupler, the creator of The Tupler Technique®, answers many common questions about Splinting here and demonstrates how to properly put on the Diastasis Rehab Splint® here.

My Journey with Strengthening My Transverse Muscle

I must confess that I am struggling to be consistent with the Tupler exercises and wearing the splint!  Working on this blog post today reinforced the need for consistently wearing my splint!  Actually, I sort of like wearing it at the start of the day -- as it provides support and a constant reminder to engage my transverse muscles, but as the day goes by, I get hot and sweaty and find the splint becomes increasingly irritating to me until I finally pull it off and throw it in my closet!!!  Maybe if I lived in a cooler climate it would be easier???  Also, I find it extremely difficult to sleep in.  

Who Wants to Join Me?

If you are also working to rehabilitate a diastasis recti, please share how you are doing!!  Are you keeping up with the exercises?  Are you wearing the splint?  Do you have any tips to share?

If you are just joining in, please leave a comment and let me know!  I could really use some encouragement and accountability!

To follow the Tupler program, you will need the Lose Your Mummy Tummy DVD, guidebook and splint, which can be ordered directly from Julie Tupler for $78 here.  I've also seen the DVD on Amazon.  I would encourage you to get the DVD rather than the book, which needs updated, as most people will do better being able to actually SEE the exercises being performed.


OK -- we can do this!  If any of you are seeing results already or have healed a diastasis recti previously, please share your results or your progress to encourage the rest of us!!



Immanuel said...

Hi, I stumbled on your blog page that talked about your journey using the tupler technique, dated back in 4/2012. Just wondering how is your progress?

I also have started to use the tupler technique for about 4 months, back in early 2012. Whenever I try to wear the splint, I get very itchy after a few hours, hence I stop wearing it now :-( I also stopped doing the exercise since I got busier with my daughter.

Just wondering if you had any success in finding ways to solve the itchiness of wearing the splint? Are you still doing the exercise?

Hope you have recovered fully and may God you the preserverance to continue with the exercise. Thanks for your sharing.

busymomof10 said...

Hi Immanuel,

I live in a very hot and humid climate, and like you I found the splint very uncomfortable and discontinued wearing it. :( I've also stopped doing the exercises. So, I have not healed my diastasis recti. :(

I keep hoping I will hop back on the wagon, but have not yet done so.


alisa burns said...

I am on day 6... Just the beginning....and summer is just starting...what was I thinking.....but I intend to continue bc in five dys my stomach looks almost's amazing....I just hope the results are permanent if I continue!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! What an encouraging report, Alissa! Thanks for sharing and encouraging me to jump back on the wagon !!

Cynthia Carl said...

I went to a workshop in Yorkville, Ill and in 4 weeks I went from a 7,9,10 finger split....yes 10!!! To 0,1,.75!!! I wore the splint 24/7. Can see pics on beautiful after be really works!!!

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