Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tummy Toning Tuesday: Step 4 of The Tupler Technique


Welcome back to Tummy Toning Tuesday!

Let's review the 4-Step Tupler Technique®  that rehabilitates a diastasis recti, or separation of the outermost abdominal muscles, often caused by pregnancy.

The 4-Step Tupler Technique® includes:

  1. Tupler Technique® Exercises (Elevator, Contracting & Headlifts)
  2. Splinting with the Diastasis Rehab Splint®
  3. Using your abdominals correctly with activities of daily living
  4. Getting up and down correctly

Today we're going to focus on step 4, but you may want to review Step 1Step 2, and Step 3 before you read today's post that explains how to get up and down correctly.

Step 4 - Getting Up and Down Correctly 

The main thing to remember is the importance of avoiding any forward, forceful movement, which puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the weakened connective tissue of the separated abdominal muscles.  This requires learning how to get up and down correctly from a sitting or backlying position.

The absolute worst thing you can do is the "jackknife," which is coming straight up from a backlying position!  This is commonly done when getting up off the floor, getting up out of bed, or sitting up from a doctor's examining table.

Julie Tupler cautions that even one jackknife can undo weeks of progress when you have a diastasis recti!!  Therefore, it is imperative to follow the correct form when getting up from a backlying position!!

To see Julie demonstrate how to get up and down correctly from a variety of positions, refer to the Lose Your Mummy Tummy DVD.  

My Journey

I am learning to avoid getting up in the "jackknife" position!  It takes some brain retraining to remember every single time to roll to your side before getting up out of bed!

I have discovered that most of the couches and chairs in my house are too deep for me to sit in properly, causing me to sit with a rounded back (which inactivates the transverse muscle) and causing me to put pressure on my abdominal muscles when I strain to get up.  :(  This comes from being the only shortie in a house inhabited by Tall, Long-legged people!  I am learning to place a pillow behind my back or choose a straightback chair most of the time rather than sink into a comfy couch that is hard to get out of properly!

The key is to train yourself to begin to be aware of your transverse muscle at all times.  Is it engaged?  Are you weakening it with forceful, forward movement?  The goal is to gradually form new habits that strengthen your transverse muscle and heal or prevent a diastasis recti.

How are you doing?



Melody Nunn said...

Hi! I am new to your blog, but saw your journey with the tupler technique and was interested. How is that going for you? Have you been able to follow it through and see improvement? I have a diastasis after having 3 children. I have the tupler video and splint, but I also live in a fairly warm climate (oklahoma) and find it too hot to wear all day right now. I walk in the mornings with it on, and that really seems to help. It starts my day off right with me focusing on that muscle and keeping it in. I still have a long way to go, though. I can't seem to do the exercises consistently. Any encouragement would be so appreciated!! You can email me at melody_nunn@msn.com.

busymomof10 said...


Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you sharing your story. I also live in a hot, humid climate (southeast Georgia), and I agree that it is very hard to wear the splint, because it makes you so sweaty! :(

I wish I could say that I had stuck with the Tupler exercises and wearing the splint, but I have not. I believe it works, if you work it! But, I fell off the wagon after about three weeks and never climbed back on! :(

I need to start back with Day 1!! It is hard to find the time and motivation!

Ava's Mama said...

Hi, Just found your blog. I'm curious how both of you are doing with the technique. I have the DVD and splint and find that it shifts so much it's unbearable to wear. However, I need to get motivated if I want my DR to improve without surgery (which isn't an option) so I must do this. If you were interested maybe we could start a group to motivate each other?

Crystal Carr said...

I just ordered the info to do the Tupler Technique. I'm going to [attempt] make my own splint. I hope it works! If anyone wants an accountability partner, I'll be starting at Day 1 as soon as my order arrives and my splint is made (by the end of next week?)

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