Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Words that Put Fear into a Mother's Heart . . .

I awoke with a start early this morning to those words that no mother, especially not a mother of a large family, ever wants to hear!   "Come Quick, Mom!  {Someone} is throwing up!!"  :(

As you may recall, we battled a stomach virus a couple weeks ago.  After more than a week with no new victims, I thought we had safely defeated the dreaded enemy, with only a few casualties.  However, this weekend we suddenly had two new victims -- one of which was the soon-to-be groom!

Yes, it's true -- this is the week before Josh and Kristi's wedding and the absolute worst time to have a stomach virus make a nasty reappearance!  We have lots to do this week . . . and guests arriving to stay in our home in just a couple days!

We often rely on Tummy Tune Up to help defeat a stomach virus, and we will continue to pass that around like candy!  We've also gone through two cans of Lysol Spray, spraying it all over the house.  Any other tips for preventing the spread of a stomach virus??  What has worked for you?  I'd love to hear your best suggestions!

And please pray!  Seriously, we've got to stop this thing dead in its tracks!!!


Becky said...

Lysol wipe all door knobs and telephones? Throw ALL toothbrushes away? Just some things I do along with Lysol spraying everything, too. : ) Hope this week finds you all healthy and having a blessed week.

mammasinclair said...

We have used elderberry syrup. Everyone takes it nd it seems to cut "the bug" time in half.

The Mayo Family said...

Go to Walmart and buy a bottle of Echinacea!!!!
Take 2 every day until flu is gone!!!
Praying for all


The Mayo Family said...

checking in...How is everybody?
I hope and pray so.....

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